Creating waves of change in entrepreneurship and content creation, make way for AlxHendy.


    The young business talent from London has a massive presence on social media as a content creator and now aims to open businesses in Dubai.

    The way a few industries and sectors around the world have been consistently growing and have been on a constant growth pedestal has turned the attention of maximum people around the world. These developments and growth can be attributed to, of course, the advent of technology, but most importantly to the relentless drive, passion, commitment, and hard work of a few individuals, especially from the younger brigade, who work around their visionary ideas and strategies to turn a business into a success story. Doing that and much more is one such incredibly talented 19-year-old entrepreneurial talent named AlxHendy, the one who is also popular across social media as a content creator.

    Many youngsters have today made their way to the top in their respective industries, but a few rare gems have still stood tall and unique from the rest for reasons more than one, just like AlxHendy has created a unique success story in social media and entrepreneurship. As a content creator on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, he has amassed millions of followers and earned 2 billion views from 2020 to 2022, becoming a verified personality. He is deservedly placed among the top 20 most followed creators in the UK.

    As a young entrepreneur, he wished to make the most of the opportunities present in the digital world and hence founded a social media agency called “Stride Social,” helping all kinds of businesses to get into the social media space. His company helps businesses perform better on social media, connecting them with celebrities and top influencers in the world. They have been doing this successfully for the last two years. His commitment and passion for social media had allowed him to move to London at the age of 19.

    Currently, AlxHendy is driven by his goal to create as many jobs as possible through social media and his business ventures, taking inspiration from Elon Musk. He will also soon move to Dubai to start a few businesses in the hotel industry and explore many more business opportunities.

    AlxHendy is a confident young guy, business owner, content creator, and a determined soul who is ready to take over all these niches soon.

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