Growth is Irreversible! Bring ‘Em Down Hitmaker AishBeatz shares How To Achieve It


“Growth is irreversible! But it comes on a condition – you must put your blood, sweat, and tears in your craft,” quips AishBeatz. The Bring ‘Em Down Hitmaker has emerged stronger from the darkest phases of his life and now enjoys an enviable position in the music industry. The young rapper isn’t afraid to share what it takes to grow as a musician. “Not many become an overnight hit; therefore, as a musician, you must ensure you’re doing the right things in the right direction to master your craft,” says AishBeatz. 

Powerful goal-setting 

AishBeatz believes that every musician must create a before and after persona of himself to do powerful goal setting and reach the “After” image. Having a clear goal is essential in the music industry as much as in the business world. “Musicians often commit the mistake of not setting goals for themselves, and hence lack motivation to grow and reach their next level,” shares AishBeatz. 

Self-Renewal works like magic 

“Believe in the process of self-renewal,” says AishBeatz adding, “It works like magic!” Avoid falling into the trap of being repetitive, and do not hesitate to experiment or take your music to a different level altogether. “The only thing that stunts growth is getting stuck in patterns,” believes AishBeatz. Look at the ways you can improve your craft, nurture your talent, create new music, and strive to be the best in your industry. It’s well worth the hard work. 

Find Inspiration 

Taking time out to look for inspiration beyond your immediate circle works wonders for self-growth. Make someone your idol and analyze what worked for them? How did they accomplish the status of being world-class? What transpired in their growth story? It’s essential for a musician to seek inspiration from others and stay humble. 

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