Kris Whitehead on How You Can Build Your Legacy in 2022 and Beyond


These present times are constantly shifting and will be part of intriguing history in the future. To leave an impact, we need to adjust aspects of our lives that we often overlook. Kris Whitehead has made it his life purpose to help people build worthwhile legacies in business or personal relationships. However, it is no easy feat, especially now when everyone believes they have the answers to all of life’s challenges.

Kris Whitehead is a Virginia-born authoritative go-getter and owner of Iconic Alliance who also bears responsibility as the creator of Activating My Purpose™. He has learned to utilize his inner strengths through meaningful life experiences and now helps others achieve the same. Kris states, “I am a faith-based man who incorporates the knowledge from religion and my experiences to teach others to navigate life successfully.” His achievements are a beacon of what one is capable of if one rightfully channels what is within them.

The subconscious mind plays a worthy role in influencing our daily decisions. According to Kris Whitehead, we often undermine the subconscious and subsequently never achieve our life’s purpose. He believes that you will have a solid foundation to build your legacy with a combination of innovation, risk, and self-belief. Kris proves his strategy works as he states, “We tripled our company’s revenue amidst a pandemic. We kept believing in ourselves and adapting to the situation when everybody else was quitting. The result was two more successful companies that fit the working from home niche.”

A family man and author of Becoming Iconic: How to Make Today’s Ceiling Tomorrow’s Floor, Kris Whitehead has developed multimillion-dollar businesses in over 25 years. He is also the CEO and owner of New England Custom Remodeling. A company he founded when he had nothing but the need to survive.

Kris helps entrepreneurs win in the trenches of life and business while also serving in the Forbes Business Council. His relationship with his versatile employee catalog gives him an edge in the cut-throat business world. Additionally, he is on the Leadership Council for Kris Whitehead’s titles and achievements place him in the position of someone who can provide the strategy to build your legacy.

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