How Elite Cash Game Exploits May Change Poker Forever


Upswing Poker’s newest standalone course could change poker forever. Cash game master Uri Peleg brings his revolutionary approach to the “Elite Cash Game Exploits with Uri Peleg” course, and that approach marks quite a departure from the game theory optimal (GTO) strategies that dominate most modern-era poker training materials.

Peleg already boasted a successful poker resume when solvers emerged on the poker landscape in the mid-2010s. Peleg rose to the game’s highest ranks in the pre-solver era of poker, using an exploitative approach that adjusted his play to make maximum money from each opponent.

Peleg’s crafted custom strategies based on the tendencies of opponents, aiming to make plays that extracted the most expected value from the particular player types at the table. When poker solvers began to revolutionize the game around 2016, Peleg was hesitant to dive into the world of solvers and their computer-driven GTO solutions.

“I actually didn’t want to start using solvers when they came out,” Peleg says. “Because I was doing well without them, and I don’t really like complicated computer programs.”

While the advent of solvers ushered in an era of GTO-focused strategy for many of the world’s top players, Peleg’s venture into solvers led him in a different direction.

“What happened to me when I started looking through solvers was I saw how a solver would play a spot, and it seemed completely ridiculous,” Peleg says. “I thought it was a really stupid way to play.”

“So I used the node-lock function; I was like stupid solver, you should use my strategy and not your stupid thing. When you node lock in a solver you get to see how it would adjust to the strategy you’re locking.”

“So I saw how the solver adjusted, and my jaw hit the floor. I was shocked how cleanly and easily you could crush my strategy.”

Peleg dedicated his study time to incorporating the solver’s adjustments to his old strategy, and that approach has kept him at the top of the game through the GTO era. Peleg brings his cutting-edge, solver-based exploitative philosophy to the Elite Cash Game Exploits course.

What You’ll Get With Elite Cash Game Exploits

Price: $999 – A one-time fee of $999 grants lifetime access to the Elite Cash Game Exploits course. The 25-hour course includes:

Exploitative Poker 101 – An introduction to Peleg’s maximally-exploitative poker approach.

Preflop – The preflop section covers late-position stealing, 3-betting and 4-betting, and more.

Postflop – Learn how and when to c-bet strategy, use exploits against different player types, and size your bets correctly in the 17-part postflop section.

Play & Exploits – The Play & Exploits series features Peleg playing live in the world’s toughest online games, and explaining his thought process with each hand he plays.

Bonus #1: Late Position Steal App ($199 value) – The Late Position Steal App allows you to develop custom late-position strategies, based on opposing player tendencies.

Bonus #2: Advanced Preflop Ranges ($299 value) – Access to 539 different preflop range charts, personally crafted by Peleg through thousands of hours of study and play.

About Upswing Poker

Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, launched Upswing Poker in 2016. Upswing Poker currently offers the most comprehensive and respected online poker education source in the industry.

Peleg joins a team of elite coaches at Upswing Poker that includes high-stakes tournament specialist Nick Petrangelo, Pot-Limit Omaha crusher Dylan Weisman, Gary “GazzyB123” Blackwood, Ryan “PokerWithRiske” Riske, and several other elite poker pros.

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