A Guide To Selecting The Best Immigration Lawyer For Your H-1B Visa Application

Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Lawyer

There are many processes involved in getting a work visa in the United States. One of such processes is the submission of an application for an H-1B visa. This type of temporary visa enables employers in the United States to employ the services of foreign workers in specific professions.  

Specific professions involve all occupations that require special expertise, experience, and education. Some of these professions are related to chemistry, computer science, engineering, medical and health science, technical writing, architectural design, economics, law, therapy, mass communication, accounting, modeling, and biotechnology.

An H1B visa lasts for 3 years but can be extended to six years. After the expiration of the duration, the employee would be required to submit another visa application. However, there are limitations to the number of H-1-B visas that can be issued annually. For the employee or holder to retain this visa, they must continue to work for the sponsoring employer. If the holder’s employment is terminated before the end of the visa duration, they will be expected to leave the United States within sixty days. 

Why do you Need an H-1B Visa Application Lawyer? 

There are three steps to applying for an H1-B visa. The first two steps are done by the employer, while the third step is done by the employee. These steps would be briefly summarized below.

  • Submitting a Labor Condition Application. This application form provides details of working conditions and expected pay.
  • Submitting a petition, also known as Form I-129, to request H-1B status for the employee.
  • Using Form I-129 and other required documents to apply for an H-1B visa after the petition is approved. 

These steps are quite difficult and require lots of paperwork, which takes approximately three months to process. H-1B lawyers help by implementing their in-depth understanding of the application rules into the H-1B process, assisting both sponsoring employers and foreign employees meet all necessary application requirements. 

Tips for Choosing the Best H-1B Lawyers 

Finding a good lawyer can be a bit challenging. The following tips should be considered in your quest to find a lawyer to help you with your H1B visa application.

Prominence in a State Bar

You must assess the uprightness and reliability of any H-1B lawyer before you employ their services. Do background research on their history with a state bar in the United States. A good lawyer with reputable standing at a U.S. state bar would be able to represent you.

Membership in the AILA 

Your lawyer must be largely familiar with and knowledgeable about immigration law. For this to be possible, you must request to see a membership form from the American Immigration Lawyers Association to guarantee your lawyer’s legal standing in immigration law.


Legal costs differ per lawyer. Comparing the fees charged by various H-1B immigration lawyers would help you make the best possible choice at an affordable price. 


Knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand. Request for background experience and references to back up his claim. Remember that being a general immigration lawyer does not always mean that they have represented cases involving H-1-B visa applications. 


It is one thing to find an immigration lawyer; it is another to find the right one who understands the rules and policies of H-1B. A good H-1B immigration lawyer ensures that the filing and application process is carried out smoothly and quickly.

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