Take Your Brand to New Heights, with Advice from Jarred Winn


Building a business takes time and patience, something most people struggle with, especially in a fast-paced world or in relation to a more complex subject such as cryptocurrency. Jarred Winn has cracked the growth code and shares it with other entrepreneurs to help them scale their projects to the next level. According to Jarred Winn, you need the following tips to scale your brand.

  • Know your audience (KYA) Stay current

Long before obtaining an audience, your product has been developed with what your ideal audience should be. Knowing this and staying true to it early on, while maintaining laser focus on what motivates this audience is a key factor in continued success. Jarred Winn explains that many projects have failed as a result of this misalignment, but by staying true to your vision and your core community, you can build a thriving group of early ambassadors.

  • Focus on your community

Your community is your earliest form of marketing, and the effort and attention you provide them will encourage their loyalty. The modern crypto investor is very informed and knows exactly what they want, and they were attracted to your project not only for its offering, but its team. According to Jarred, the time spent listening to your community yields dividends far in excess of struggling to attain fresh members, and makes it easier to craft marketing and experience strategies that work.

  • Be impeccable

Trust is easier to lose than it is to gain. Projects can take years to gain trust and presence, only to lose them by failing to meet promises that were previously established. While it’s important to set expectations to your community, it’s even more important to deliver to these expectations and maintain an active communication channel with continuous updates. Jarred explains that many projects tend to fail at this stage, as once trust is lost, it’s incredibly difficult to restore.

The crypto landscape is incredibly competitive and fast-paced, as said by Jarred Winn. You need to be incredibly diligent to succeed and maintain the trust and loyalty of your community.

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