Aquarius Will Create the First NFT in Solidarity with Nature

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For too long we have ignored, tried to forget about, or simply pushed aside the issue we all face with a great threat. The world and nature as we know it needs our help, and it is an epidemic that is the world over, and no one is safe.

Big corporations are investing millions into factories and businesses that increase the detriment of the planet without thinking twice or even about possible consequences, until now.

An industry leader David Faraco has created the first initiative in which everyone wins, Mother Nature and all its glory is protected by the profits of the cryptocurrency world, and more importantly, by Aquarius.

Now, while the world of technology increases and inevitably evolves with unlimited advantages and possibilities, a portion of the profits made from the transactions will be invested into planet-saving actions and solutions.

Future thinking at its best.

We are all aware that brands and big companies essentially have little interest in preserving life or nature if it works out to be a disadvantage for them, and understandably so, but why not come up with a way to work with nature rather than against it.

If all companies and future leaders, such as David Faraco with his pioneering company Aquarius, could take that leap of faith, think about how much better off the planet would be.

Yes, we understand that the world of cryptocurrency and virtual reality will soon become the norm with businesses and transactions being done through the metaverse or other virtual platforms, but these platforms need computers to run through which is an energy strain on the economy. And one that we cannot endure for much longer without dire consequences, which is why giving back is so important.

The plus side.

So, now you’re thinking, how will offering profits to companies who already work at protecting the planet be more beneficial? And it is simple! Working ‘together’ to save the planet sets up our future generation for a safe and habitable place to live, and what are we living for, striving for, or working towards if not to leave a legacy for our children to look up to and aspire to achieve?

There are so many positives to cryptocurrency and NFTs working hand in hand with global initiatives, let’s look at some of the top commented on benefits, and these may just be the answer you have been looking for or the spark you needed to light your fire to find out how you can do more.

  •  It is no secret that these non-profit organizations don’t have the means nor the funds to perform to their potential. Now with large companies such as Aquarius leading the way with its profit percentage share-based NFT financial backing, they can have more freedom to do more on a monumental scale for greater positive planetary impact.
  •  When you have someone who believes in you, as David Faraco does with his future planetary vision, then you soon understand how a Solidarity nft movement is the way forward. Knowing companies will dedicate a portion of their NFT towards the greater good is essential in everyone’s interest, is it not?
  • Pay it forward. This is a non-spoken act of doing something for someone else without the need or wants for a favor in return. If we all played our part, did something for someone else you know would be to their advantage, the planet would soon be a great place to never want to leave. Because, if companies did not give back to Mother Nature, and just used her for her resources, how long could that be sustainable? Soon there will be no Mother Nature to tap into.

A final thought.

Aquarius being launched by David Faraco is a symbol of possibilities and a leading example of what potentially could be the change we need in the world.

You may be a big company with branches and offices around the globe, or perhaps a small startup looking to make a name for yourself, the main objective is that there is always something you can do.

Too often we wait for someone else to make the first move, well now they have, and getting on board is better than being left behind. Aquarius is paving the future with nature, together.

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