Abhi Shetty makes his name synonymous with success in the vast and ever-evolving hospitality sector.

Abhi Shetty
Abhi Shetty

To have the vision to attain a certain goal in life is one thing, but to spare no effort, go under the grind, make tough choices and face the challenges head-on to turn those visions into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, individuals need to do the unusual and choose to relentlessly move ahead on their paths to reach their definition of success in their chosen careers. Being able to do that in an industry as competitive as hospitality has proved to be even more challenging and demanding; however, individuals like Abhi Shetty prove that determination and pure passion for something can help people attain what seems impossible to achieve.

Getting into the hospitality space was something Abhi Shetty was inspired to do, coming from a native popular in the hospitality & tourism business. Even after becoming a mechanical engineer and working with MNCs like TOTAL France, he jumped into the nightlife and hospitality spaces to carve his unique niche as a true-blue Indian entrepreneurial talent. Abhi Shetty’s aim to create unique experiences for people in nightlife and hospitality led him to start his own brand named “Barrels.” This brand already has an outlet in Dubai and in Manipal, India, and now he wishes to expand them across the Middle East and India, and many other locations with different and exciting concepts.

In just three years of being in the hospitality sector, Abhi Shetty, with his great music and assorted food services, has upped the game in the markets as an entrepreneur. He has expanded his business incredibly that is running with great profit figures. His brand Barrels Dubai also got featured in Timeout Dubai, won the Best Sports Bar Award in 2019, and also got special recognition in nightlife experience in 2020. It was also featured on expatnights.com.

Abhi Shetty has truly made his name synonymous with success in the hospitality sector. To know more, follow him on Instagram @abhishetty.

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