Does Online Dating Really Work?

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Online dating is the norm in the current digital world, with a growing number of couples nowadays usually meeting online and marrying each other after a period of dating from a distance. Despite this fact, it’s easy to be skeptical about whether or not to consider the dating apps recommended by SFGate, especially if you don’t quickly embrace change. 

But in today’s world, where organizations across the globe are adopting remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic, social interactions are becoming a lot more limited. Because of this, you might be considering giving online dating a shot. And to enlighten you if this is worth it, below is a guide on what you should expect from online dating. Therefore, you save yourself from possible disappointment. 

Should You Try Out Online Dating Apps? 

The topic of online dating sparks a heated debate among people, with everyone having their own opinion on this subject. And if you’re new to online dating, your primary concern will be wondering whether online dating will help in any way to land a date and lead to something meaningful. This is a serious concern because many people often share their horrible experiences from online dating. Because of this, it’s easy to be somewhat reluctant to try it out. 

However, you shouldn’t have such concerns when approaching online dating. Instead, you need to have an open mind and know that online dating has many benefits. As a result, it can equally or even better increase the chance of landing a perfect match as you’d have in real life. 

Online dating works because it provides you greater access to a wider range of possibilities. This is something you wouldn’t have enjoyed if you chose only to stick to real-life dating. Therefore, you have a greater likelihood of meeting someone who you’re more compatible with, thereby having a higher chance of a successful relationship. This alone is enough proof that online dating indeed does work and is something that you should consider. 

Why Doesn’t Online Dating Work For Most Guys? 

Although online dating is proven to be an effective way of meeting someone with whom you can develop a romantic relationship, it doesn’t always work for most guys. Because of this, you can find this experience quite frustrating and not really worth it compared to real-life dating. Some of the problems that’ll come your way include; 

  •    It’s Difficult To Quantify Compatibility
  • It’s hard to quantify certain things, such as chemistry between two persons who’ve met on a dating site. This is something even matching algorithms can’t match because simple beliefs and behavioral traits are hard to quantify. Therefore, you shouldn’t be extremely hopeful that matching someone on a dating app necessarily means there’ll be any spark between you two. 

    In addition, matching algorithms can’t effectively determine your long-term compatibility with your match on a dating app. This is because succeeding in a relationship is dependent on how effectively you and your other partner can best deal with small and big stresses. 

  • Too Much Competition For The Hottest Women 
  • Another problem you’ll face when using online dating sites or apps is the number of men being considerably higher compared to women. Because of this, women always have more options to choose from compared to guys. This is even a lot more evident with the hottest women on online dating sites, who get a lot more messages from potential suitors. 
  • Trying Too Hard 
  • The chances of landing a suitable partner from an online dating site depend on how well your game plan is. After all, you need to be persuasive to convince even the hottest lady to go on a date with you. With that said, this doesn’t mean you become extremely needy, as this also significantly reduces your appeal to prospective ladies. As a result, it becomes harder to convince one to meet you in person. 
  • Using A Lame Ice-Breaker
  • Beautiful women usually get lots of messages from guys interested in taking them out for a date. And to stand out and not just be one among many, you need to up your game and use an exciting ice-breaker that’ll get a lady interested in holding a conversation with you. This means avoiding altogether any obvious greetings as this might make you appear boring and someone not worth the effort. 
  • Having A Cringe-Worthy Username 
  • Your username on online dating sites or apps makes or breaks your success in making any positive progress. After all, you don’t want to appear weird to potential ladies on the dating site. The best way to avoid this is by using a superb username that is interesting and can be a great conversation starter when talking to a lady online.
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