The Rise of Lawrence Parnis: Meet The Man Behind Megla Dental

Lawrence Parnis
Lawrence Parnis

From culinary importer to multi-award winning entrepreneur, Lawrence Parnis has become the AI and data mining maestro of Megla Dental.

Born in Malta and immigrating to Ireland at the age of 7, Lawrence Parnis inherited his entrepreneurial blood from his father to his uncles and cousins. Almost everyone in Lawrence’s family ran their own business. Unlike his relatives, however, Lawrence started business early in life.

He began with a few admin roles, but soon decided he wanted to forge his own path. Looking at mainland Europe, he found his first entrepreneurial opportunityimporting national culinary delights to an untapped Irish market.

From Food Truck Pioneer to Event Manager

Lawrence travelled to Brussels, Belgium, to investigate the mainland’s love for Belgian waffles. He walked the streets, looking at the many kiosks selling waffles.

At one of these kiosks, he struck up a conversation with the owner. After a while, the owner told Lawrence his waffle producer would be arriving shortly. Lawrence had the opportunity to meet the producer and was invited to his facility. He took the chance and bought a pallet of Belgian waffleswithout knowing how he would get it to Ireland or what he would do with it after doing so.

Surely, he figured it out. Back in Ireland, Lawrence set up a stand at a local artisan food market to sell his waffles. Word traveled fast and it became a huge hit.

Lawrence was making a week’s worth of wage in just a day. Being the first to locally sell Belgian waffles, Lawrence realized he had the upper hand to expand his enterprise.

Lawrence started off with one food truck and took his waffles to special events and festivals. They continued to sell quickly and received additional offers to be in different events. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, he decided to take it up a notch and began tapping other uncommon markets for several commodities. He soon ended up with a large fleet of food trucks, adding crepes, pizza, and oriental food to his variety of goods and was the first to introduce these cuisines to events and festivals in Ireland.

With his popular food trucks at numerous distinguished events, Lawrence started to develop a reputation. In fact, he won the Shell LiveWIRE Entrepreneurship award for Best Potential Employment in 2002.

At age 32, Lawrence was invited to manage the events he attended. He took the opportunity, food trucks in tow. Lawrence remained in the food and event industry over 20 years until he decided it was time to move on and think bigger. He believes that one shouldn’t just create goals, but should also create and take the steps to get there. With this thought in mind, he started creating and taking further steps towards his goals. 

Enhancing his IT, Data, and Analytics Skills

Lawrence knew the IT industry was the future.

Combining this certainty with his eye for opportunity, Lawrence developed Ireland’s first online marketplace in 2012 for Irish crafters and designers – Craftbay Marketplace.

Here, Irish crafters and designers could sell their wares on a platform built for them. The platform’s success was so rapid that it was selected as a Web Summit finalist in 2014.

Seeing this success as a threat, a huge company decided to take Lawrence to court, alleging a part of Lawrence’s business name was a copyright infringement.

Lawrence won the first appeal, but knowing he could not stand against this huge company’s billions, decided to sell the backend software and CRM.

Undaunted by this setback, Lawrence set out and created Hive Salon Software, the first all-in-one cloud software system in the hair and beauty industry. This enterprise was also a success, and Lawrence realized his strategy could increase sales in any industry.

He began developing his 10-step strategy, and after studying the opportunity, focused on the dental industry.

Establishing Megla Dental to Help Dentists Achieve their Goals

Combining his expertise in planning, data mining, analytics, AI, and growth strategy with his arsenal of entrepreneurial experiences, Lawrence lays out a tailored plan for each of his dental clients.

As he says, “If you fail to plan, and you plan to fail.” Evidenced from his entrepreneurial experience, Lawrence always has a plan in place.

He has created Megla Dental’s 10-step strategy to be the game-changing plan for any dentist struggling to get high value patients in the door that are looking to increase their Invisalign or Dental Implant cases.

Using AI and machine learning plugged into over 16 platforms, Lawrence and Megla Dental are helping their dentist partners across Ireland, the UK, the United States, and Canada achieve their goals by enhancing their presence on multiple channels.

Megla Dental’s process taps into the full potential of their clients’ desired audience and enhances dentists’  outreach through E-commerce, digital campaigns, statistical analysis, and highly advanced personalized business tools.

Lawrence’s 10-step strategy ensures his clients obtain a positive ROI.

Lawrence has also developed his process to help dentists ramp up their revenue when they are reaching retirement. Through his services, his dental clients’ practices are maximized, meaning they receive a bigger paycheck at the end of their career and finish well.

If you are interested in learning more about Lawrence’s unique, dentistry-tailored system, you can visit their website or follow him on his social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. You can also contact him to schedule a meeting via LinkedIn.

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