The Future of Amazon: What’s Next for the Market Giant?

Amazon Employee Picking an order
Amazon Employee Picking an order

Amazon, without a doubt, is the name of the game when it comes to e-commerce and the delivery world. More often than ever before, we find ourselves reaching for our phones to order something before we even consider shopping in person. After all, why use valuable gas money when you can get anything, literally anything, shipped right to your door in a single day?

Clearly, the pandemic has completely transformed retail. Brick and mortar stores have been closing down at an unprecedented rate partly due to the convenience of online shopping, but also due to the restrictions enforced by the virus. Nowadays, it seems like Amazon has cemented its place at the top, and strictly digital shopping is here to stay. With so much market share and profits, where is the mighty Amazon going to expand next? In this blog post, we will dive into where Amazon may be headed later this year and onwards.


As of March 2022, Amazon has taken the big leap to buy Whole Foods. Whole Foods is famous for its diet-friendly and organic products, bringing in loads of young customers and those with dietary restrictions. As Amazon starts to leave its mark on the business, Amazon Alexa and various other Amazon products are being stocked on shelves. It’s no surprise that Amazon has moved into the food industry, but the introduction of physical stores is something new to the brand.

Amazon Go

Speaking of in-person stores, Amazon has a new prospect in the works. Amazon Go stores have been popping up in large cities like Chicago and New York City, allowing shoppers to simply scan into the store with their memberships. They can take anything off the shelves and simply walk out, completely erasing the need for a cashier. This method of shopping is still in its early stages, with only a few stores up and running. However, we can expect 2022 to bring several more Amazon Go locations, including airports and popular tourist destinations.


The medical industry is one of the only corners of the market that Amazon hasn’t encroached upon, and that may very well change soon. In 2018, Amazon bought the rights to PillPack, a prescription delivery service. Delivery medications along with a same-day Amazon package would be a dream come true for many housebound people, so Amazon is sure to utilize this brand in the near future.

Web Services

As you may know, Amazon makes a majority of its profit from web services. As 2022 progresses, Amazon continues to grow its platform. Even after defending against the largest DDoS attack ever recorded, the brand continues to exponentially increase its network of sellers, customers, and clients.

As anyone can see, there is no end in sight for Amazon. Soon enough, you may be able to order your groceries, medications, and anything else you can ever need with one-day Prime shipping. Whether this is a net positive for e-commerce is strongly debated, but one thing is for sure. Amazon is not stopping any time soon.

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