4 Things To Know Before Buying A Medical Alert System

4 Things To Know Before Buying A Medical Alert System
  • Cost

Medical alert systems vary in terms of cost depending on the type of billing system used, and the company offering the service. Usually, medical alert systems can either get rented or purchased for exclusive use, and these options carry varying costs to the user. For rental services, the medical alert system companies will give users a contract, either monthly, quarterly, or annually, with differing premiums for either choice. Once you sign a contract, the company typically offers the user the equipment they need for their medical monitoring needs, which they are expected to return once the term of their contract expires. 

These options do not have high initial costs since the user is not required to purchase any of the equipment, and thus can be a good value for money. However, on a long-term basis, leasing the equipment can become less cost-effective than buying new, especially since most of the equipment provided is in used condition. Buying your equipment has higher upfront costs but you get the guarantee that it will last longer. Additionally, there are also factors like hidden costs, cancellation policies, insurance, and discounts to consider before making a decision. Therefore, you should consider these factors before settling for a lease or purchase.

  • Device features

The medical alert device features will also affect your choice when deciding on the most appropriate one to use. Medical alert systems come in a variety of designs, with some being portable, in-home units, or even wearable. However, each of these devices comes with a set of features, all of which are suited to specific lifestyles or conditions. Some features like an alert button for seniors are a must-have and are not offered by all devices, and thus it is important to be on the lookout for these features for the best results. Some essential features, especially for seniors, include caregiver tracking, fall detection, medication reminders, and water resistance. 

Caregiver tracking is essential since it enables caretakers to monitor where their loved ones are, whether their devices are functioning properly, and locate them in case they wander off. Fall detection will help identify when your loved one falls, especially if they are a fall risk. The device will detect when they fall and alert the medical services for assistance. Water resistance and medication reminders are also essential since seniors are more likely to forget to remove their devices when they get into the shower, or when they are out in the rain, especially when using wearables. The devices can also get programmed to remind the users when to take their medication.

  • User-friendliness

Technology is constantly evolving and this makes it difficult to keep up to date with all emerging trends, especially for seniors. The quickly evolving technologies, even in medical alert systems can make it difficult for most seniors to keep abreast with all the features on their devices, and this can inhibit them from appropriately utilizing their capabilities. Due to the cumbersome nature of some of these devices, users may shy away from utilizing their services, which can even lead to the detriment of their health. Additionally, if the devices are uncomfortable, the seniors will avoid using them which could put them at higher medical risk. It is essential, therefore, to consider the comfort and personal preferences of the user before opting for a medical alert system. Mostly, users will prefer a portable alert device that will allow them to carry on with their normal daily activities without any inhibitions while providing top-tier monitoring and alert capabilities. These capabilities can get provided from mobile devices or wearables, which the user can have on their person, or within proximity. The devices also need to have user interfaces that are easy to decipher and use for users of any age with relative ease. A clear and simple user interface will help eliminate any confusion or steep learning curve expected of the seniors using the devices.

  • Reputation

There are plenty of medical alert system companies on the market to choose from, and each has a unique way in which they interact with its customers. In this digital age, it is possible to check reviews from a company’s previous customers to judge whether they are the right fit for your needs. Through these reviews, you can learn about the company’s policies, prices, and general customer experiences from using the company. You should also check the company’s transparency on their fees, since some companies tend to hide additional fees in their contracts, usually overcharging clients without their knowledge. Reputable companies will offer their clients good value for money and will be transparent throughout their relationship.

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