Meet Kyle Geers and John Ikosipentarhos, the Brains Behind Zeroed-In Consulting, LLP


Rapid advancements in science and technology are reshaping the world quickly. We see it all the time in the business world – companies lagging in adapting to the future will inevitably have to pay a price that they can avoid by realizing the need for change in time. Zeroed-In offers a future-focused approach to professional services to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

The idea of Zeroed-In was born in 2020 when its co-founders, Kyle Geers (CEO) and John Ikosipentarhos (COO), worked together at global CPA firm Grant Thornton. Throughout their diverse careers, they sensed multiple deficiencies and outdated practices in the public accounting and professional services industry and vowed to make a change. In 2021, they started Zeroed-In to set out on their journey to reconceive the formula of success in the industry by embracing the power of technology and employees’ development.

Kyle was born and raised in Southern California. Before moving to college, he grew up in the San Bernardino Mountains and Redlands. Kyle developed a hard-working mentality learning from his mother and undying optimism from his father. Kyle credits his parents for building the foundation of who he is today.

Kyle graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and a minor in Accounting. He’s spent over eight years in the public accounting realm, starting as an auditor and transitioning into a consulting role. Kyle joined the technical accounting advisory group at Grant Thornton in the group’s early years and was a local leader in building its West Coast presence before starting Zeroed-In. He was also a part of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Los Angeles 2019-2020 class of its Rising Stars Program.

John was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Southern California at a young age.  He is first-generation Greek, and his supportive, enterprising immigrant parents were serial entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, fueling John’s passion for following in their footsteps. Having that entrepreneurial mentality meant that he would always work hard for what he believed in, never quitting in the face of adversity.

John is a California State University, Fullerton graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Having spent over three years in public accounting as an auditor and consultant for technical accounting, John also credits five years of his career in corporate accounting for his unparalleled ability to create efficiency and automation in his tasks.  His diverse career portfolio ranges from a small tech start-up to a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded company.

A critical factor of their success is the complementary perspectives and skills that each team member provides. Kyle brings an undying optimistic outlook and a solid technical background in accounting complexities. John offsets this with a cautious mindset and a strong understanding of the internal processes of a business and its accounting/finance functions. 

With a laser-focused mission and the benefit of a dedicated duo with unique experiences, Zeroed-In Consulting brings a full-service approach to its clients to provide value on multiple fronts. Request a meeting with Zeroed-In on their website.

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