NOAA in Duluth Forecasting Strong Spring Storm from Tuesday into Thursday


Duluth – Weather – APRIL 3, 2022 – NOAA Duluth is reporting that a strong spring storm will affect the Northland from Tuesday into Thursday.

The NOAA says that there will be a lot of precipitation that occurs with this storm and some of it will fall as snow.

The main precipitation types with this storm will be rain and snow, with a small chance for freezing rain.

Questions remain on the track of the low pressure system as well as the low level temperature forecast.

Why are these important? The track affect where the heaviest precipitation will fall and also impacts the temperatures. The temperature forecast is critical in determining precipitation types and changes of a 2-4 degrees can mean the difference between just rain or heavy snowfall.

The forecast for the Thunder Bay region is for snow flurries from Tuesday night into Thursday, but so far Environment Canada doesn’t have any firm snow fall figures or storm tracking.

This past winter has been like having an argument with someone and just when you think it is over they storm back into the room – for weather reporters, all we will share is we are not making the weather, simply reporting it.

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