Tina Sadri Presents a ‘Whole Person’ Approach to Balanced Living


    Focusing on the inner work of living a balanced life and embracing the complexity of what it means to be alive is Tina Sadri’s passion. As an author, lifestyle blogger, psychotherapist, and fashion icon, strives to be an example to her followers. She promotes embracing this human experience and its many contributing factors.

    She focuses on a holistic approach to finding meaning in life. Tina believes that you must first establish your inner peace and beauty, revealing your authentic self, before you can truly enjoy the gifts life gives. She understands that people are complex beings, multi-faceted, with diverse interests and goals.

    Tina’s revelation into the importance of maintaining a ‘whole person’ focus came after a severe struggle with postpartum depression. Her experience being the patient instead of the therapist gave her a fresh new perspective. “As a human being, I learned that there is such a fine line between sanity and insanity. It can happen to anyone…We think we know so much until we learn more. The more you know about something, the more you realize how much you don’t know. That’s what I learned as a therapist: how much I don’t know.”

    For Tina, it’s all about balance. “I believe in a holistic life. I don’t believe in just meditating all day and doing yoga and going for walks. I believe that you should go out once in a while, you should dress up, and you should wear what feels good. The only difference is that you should first tend to your inner beauty and then your external beauty.” She has gained notoriety in the industry, including a cover article for Parenting OC magazine, being named Woman of Style by Riviera Magazine, and allowing her the opportunity to write articles for Wedding Wire.

    Tina Sadri, grounded in the stability of inner healing and beauty, looks forward to continued growth and exploration of her lifestyle and fashion interests. Her line of sunglasses will be coming soon. She is also working on a second book that focuses on living a balanced lifestyle, which she anticipates releasing in late 2022.

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