Suzy Sogoyan Says Success Is Having Deep Human Connections


    To achieve success isn’t about what you do, but more about the lives you impact. And for Suzy Sogoyan, she has made it her mission to share her life with the world. She values deep human connection and wants to empower others to live their best lives.

    When Suzy rebranded IceLink, the father-daughter run company she operates with her dad, she knew one thing for certain. IceLink was going to be a unique brand. While most high-end jewelry companies overlook the human element of luxury purchases, they wanted connection to be at their core. IceLink is a place that can shift gears, welcome others, and rise above anything. By creating innovative designs, they give their customers something to be proud of wearing every day.

    Suzy knew the best way to connect with people was through social media. The question was, what was the best way to get noticed? Since she desired deep human connections, she decided to stay authentic. In time she developed a following she calls the “Suzy Squad,” who trusts and swears by her advice. “Young, fabulous, and chic – these hard-working ladies know their self-worth, yet they are always striving to become better versions of themselves. Whether it’s treating themselves to a shopping spree, going on a weekend getaway with friends, or posting a motivational post on Instagram – they love taking care of themselves and their loved ones,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

    Trust and motivation are a two-way street. As much as Suzy enjoys the role she plays in motivating others, they also motivate her. And IceLink is always eager to hear feedback and take suggestions from clients on how they can improve or even get ideas on new pieces. “Our team is our family, and our clients are our family. Together, we support each-other, work hard, and empower each-other. More importantly, we listen to each-other,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

    Not only does IceLink value connections with their customers, but they also stay connected with the community. Their most notable project is an annual toy drive, Christian’s Toy Drive, benefitting children in Armenia battling cancer.

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