A successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr Dawkins Brown discusses innovative business practices and philanthropy.


    Dr. Dawkins Brown is the Executive Chairman of Dawgen Global, a Ph.D. in Accounting, Finance, and Management with 23 years of expertise.

    Most entrepreneurs, if not all, will give you a long list of the most difficult aspects of running their firm. If you’ve ever owned your own business, you know it may be a rocky road. Some days, they may have all their ducks in a row and not have a single duck in action on others. Dealing with a company is a piece of cake. Suppose you’re a business trying to get off the ground or scaling to the next level. In that case, you’ll need help from a Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Accountant, and Financial Consultant like Dr.Dawkins Brown.

    Dr.Brown, Executive Chairman of Dawgen Global, will debunk your fantasy. An impoverished upbringing squandered his boyhood aspiration of going to medical .He chose business topics since they were inexpensive. He worked full-time at the Jamaica Library Service for a year while studying for two A-levels at night. His library experience led to a Library Studies degree from the West Indies (UWI). But his instincts steered him elsewhere. Living in Kingston Gardens near an accounting office enhanced his interest in the field. He was also interested in the newspaper’s listing of accounting positions. The University of the West Indies and ACCA credentials were completed through “work-study.” From a stable and well-paid library career to an unpaid entry-level accounting job. His intense desire to become a Chartered Accountant kept him focused on accounting and ACCA tests.

    Moreover, numerous firms have benefited from the expertise of Dr. Brown during his career. With Dawgen Global, an integrated multidisciplinary professional service organization in the Caribbean region, Dr. Brown has transformed even the most difficult business problems into scalability and stability through his leadership. ‘ While the pandemic proved to be a turning point for many firms, Dr. Brown’s guidance helped a variety of businesses get a firm footing in their respective industries. The advice he gave in an interview recently was, “Ideas mean nothing without action. Sneezes are a great analogy for great ideas. As far as I’m concerned, they’re nothing more than “breath flowing out of your lips” for the majority of people around you.

    While working in public accounting, Dr. Brown gained thousands of hours of valuable experience and worked on various large-scale projects before turning his attention to what would eventually become the foundation of his successful business career: Dawgen Global, which he founded in 2012. Dawgen Global was founded by Dr. Brown, who began his public accounting career in the audit department of Ernst & Young, where he gained extensive experience in both domestic and foreign audits.

    In addition to being a member of the Institute of Jamaica Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Management Institute, and the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists, he is also a member of several other professional organizations

    As part of Dawgen Global’s advisory services division, Dr. Brown created the Business Coaching Division. There will also be a section dedicated to “Strategy Execution.” By doing so, the team hopes to close gaps in strategy execution customers face due to external circumstances. Meanwhile, the Strategy Execution team will remain in the shadows, allowing Business Coaching to demonstrate the Entrepreneurs “How” and “Why.”

    An organization’s aims can be achieved through executing a strategic strategy. It includes everyday structures, methods, and goals. Dawgen Global’s staff will create a “Success Road Map” for each customer based on their Position Matrix. Structured Methodology with Agility to address each client’s unique situation.

    As part of the Business Coaching Division, the firm plans to train several university graduates in consulting. So they can advance in a variety of business management fields. A multidisciplinary approach is required for Dr. Brown in a fast-changing workplace and market. We will retain and attract Young Talented Team Members who want a Global Value-Added Focus career path when technology disrupts the professional sector. The firm’s 5-year strategy plan also calls for other specialists such as architects, engineers, surgeons, lawyers, and instructors in their service offerings.

    Dr. Brown discusses his top secrets for developing a successful business based on his extraordinary career trajectory —

    1. Emphasize your strengths and “staff” your flaws
    2. Create business processes, then hire people to run them.
    3. Visualize the end, then build the plan to get there.
    4. Don’t let others’ opinions drown out your voice. Muster the fortitude to trust your gut. That is, ignore the surrounding noise and press on.
    5. Don’t over-delegate.

    Dr. Brown is a big proponent of charitable giving. As an entrepreneur, he has learned a great deal from working in various roles in his firms. Investing in the professional development of fresh graduates is a cause near to his heart.

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