Ali Jahangiri, a special pop singer, why is he so popular?


    Ali Jahangiri, a pop singer born on February 28, 1985 and currently living in Los Angeles, is a popular singer who produces music in pop music with a different perspective and is known for this reason.

    If we want to know Ali Jahangiri better, it is better to say that he grew up in Europe and now lives in the United States, but because of his Iranian nationality and understanding of the music of the three continents, he is well acquainted with different cultures.
    He knows Asia, Europe and now the United States well, so he has been able to attract the taste of many listeners from different parts of the world by producing different music.

    Ali Jahangiri has had important collaborations with world famous music studios and has released many songs that have attracted the attention of fans. For example, the music of “23:23” is a product of the United States and has many fans. Also, Ali Jahangiri is always producing works that pay attention to quality and quality is much more important to him than quantity, and that is why his music is always considered. Is. It is becoming popular and is welcomed by millions on music platforms.

    Many supporters of Ali Jahagiri say that he is very supportive of young people and children who want to become singers but do not have financial support, because it costs a lot to become a singer and make music pieces, and Ali Jahangiri knows this very well. . He is good and he tries to do that. Help people who aspire to be singers.

    One of Ali Jahangiri’s interesting views that attracted the attention of the media was his view of music. Ali Jahangiri says: “Music can affect the human soul by crossing borders and countries, and this is the only thing that has this power. Music with its attractive poetry and melody can attract many people to different cultures, and If the work that is made has a message and is produced correctly, it can have a great impact on the hearts. It is the inner potential of music that is less noticed and we pay attention to it in all the music we make.

    Another characteristic that has made Ali Jahangiri able to turn what he has in mind into a successful work and make good music exactly as he thinks is that he is a professional and strong music director and can Be a music poet too. This feature has strengthened him and given him the power to create a special musical work. Of course, it should not be forgotten that Ali Jahangiri is also a successful guitarist and pianist, and many of the music he composed is based on his own composition and goals. Knows and specializes in it.

    But in general, Ali Jahangiri can be introduced as a successful pop singer who has been able to be known as a famous artist with different perspectives and complementary specialties.

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