Astrology with a Hint of Psychology, Astrologer Jessie Eccles’ Unique Approach to Treat People


Astrology has taken over the internet by storm in recent years. Astrology has always existed in many cultures for centuries. People would read their horoscopes and understand signs even before the social media era. Today, astrology has progressed into something more realistic and spiritual. Jessie Eccles is an expert Astrologer and Social Media Influencer whose insight on stars and signs has grabbed the attention of thousands of people worldwide.

Individuals seek Jessie’s help to find their life’s purpose or heal their trauma by recognizing patterns in their birth charts. Unlike other astrologers, she applies the basic treatment methods of psychology with astrology to dive her clients into a self-reflective process to discover their inner souls. Jessie’s unique approach to reading people’s stars has proven highly effective.  

For the Astrologer influencer, the answer to every question lies in the universe. “I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives, and astrology is a language we can use to better understand how the universe is supporting us,” Jessie says. 

Jessie’s ‘Single Astrology Reading’ is especially famous among astrology fans. She offers services as an experience to explore yourself and bring out the hidden trauma, frustrations, flaws, and uniqueness in you. Jessie shows and interprets the clients their birth charts and teaches them how to understand their unique blueprint. 

Her service has given hope and positivity to people when nothing is working out for them. The astrologer says that it is not like therapy; instead, it is a self-discovery of one’s soul and uses that discovery to move into the best version of themselves. In short, it is like self-care, with Jessie being part of the process. Like most people, she also had a hidden trauma. Jessie identified it and used unique traits in her birth chart to move through the healing process. Now, she is on a mission to heal others. 

When asked about her experiences as an astrologer, Jessie expressed that she feels accomplished when people feel validated, find answers to their questions or express emotions when they haven’t been able to feel vulnerable in years. It is the most constructive and rewarding profession for her.

Jessie’s unique approach is practical to all kinds of people. She feels that she has a unique ability to really see people, no matter your background. Coming from a cross-cultural experience and having traveled to more than 30 countries, reaching every continent, she is also able to understand and integrate your unique upbringing.

Jessie uses social media platforms to convey awareness and healing through love. @thatssoulastro has about 11.7k followers who actively interact and connect with Jessie to find their souls. For a more personalized experience, her official website offers three main services: Single Astrology Reading, Multi-Session Astrology Deep Dive, and Astrology Courses. 

Through Jessie, thousands of people have found their inner selves. If you are interested in astrology or know about your birth chart, book a reading with expert Astrologer Jessie today!

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