Monetary Achievements and Successes are Not All that Matters, Says Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky


Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky is a board – certified facial plastic surgeon. He has worked in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology before finalizing his specialty and establishing his own practice, Z Face Plastic Surgery. His purpose and mission for the practice has been to provide the best and most optimal care for his patients by focusing his skills on cosmetic procedures of the face. Despite cosmetic surgery being considered a superficial, financially driven field, keeping true to this mission has allowed Dr. Zhuravsky to reap the most important reward; personal gratification.

Dr. Zhuravsky’s interest in the medical field was initially sparked by his passion for positively impacting people’s lives. Even though running a successful business can be gratifying in itself, Dr. Zhuravsky explains that it does not compare, nor can replace the feeling he gets from seeing the effect he has on his patients. This level of gratification comes in different ways. In some cases, it is through patients directly expressing their gratitude or stories of how they no longer dislike pictures of themselves. Sometimes it is through the unspoken but very obvious boost in confidence they exude during postoperative appointments and in their social media posts. In other cases, it is through patients’ referral of family and friends because they are so happy with their results and would only trust Dr. Zhuravsky with the care of their loved ones.

Anyone with a business degree or that has ever owned a business will tell you the importance of the bottom line. Dr. Zhuravsky acknowledges that revenue is certainly an important part of running a business but explains that it should not supersede the importance of quality care. “Sometimes you have to break the rules of business to do what is right for your patients”, says Dr. Zhuravky. He gives the example of marketing and offering procedures to patients that would not yield the most ideal results for their needs just simply because they would benefit the bottom line. By giving patients his honest opinion and on some occasions forfeiting a profit by advising patients against certain treatments, or even referring them to another practice for an alternative treatment, Dr. Zhuravsky is able to maintain that level of gratification in his practice and everyday life.

The days of plastic surgery being a taboo or a stigmatized field are at an end. Dr. Zhuravsky explains that the effect it has on helping people regain confidence and live more fulfilling lives is very real and profound, as is the gratification from providing it. Dr. Zhuravsky is very proud of the services that he is able to provide and is thankful to be trusted by his patients with their care.

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