Thunder Bay School Bus Cancellations for Thursday, March 10, 2022

School Bus Update
School Bus Update image:

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – School Bus cancellations mainly due to the continued shortage of school bus drivers continues.

The following route(s) cannot be serviced on the dates indicated due to there being no drivers available.

NORTH 78 servicing La Vérendrye AM & PM, Franco-Supérieur AM & PM and St. Bernard AM & PM cancelled through Friday, March 11.

SOUTH 11 servicing Elsie MacGill AM & PM, Sherbrooke AM & PM, Westgate PM cancelled through Friday, March 11

SOUTH 32 servicing Kakabeka AM & PM, Hammarskjold AM and Superior AM to Petro-Can Transfer Point, Westgate AM to Kakabeka School Transfer Point cancelled for Thursday, March 10

***S32 high school students that can make make their own way to the their transfer point can board their transfer bus at that location***