Rohit Golia and Harsh Maskara take centre stage to make luxury affordable with their new venture Drip Project

Rohit Golia and Harsh Maskara
Rohit Golia and Harsh Maskara

Eye-catching, aesthetic, affordable luxury jewellery in India is not a thing of the future anymore. It’s here in the now. There’s a new entrant in town and it’s already brewing a storm in the industry. Founded in 2021, Drip Project is in the business of crafting unique experiences through affordable statement pieces that tell a story with their meticulous design and passionate depiction of culture. Simply put, it is an international brand created in India inspired by many cultures to curate high quality handcrafted jewellery.

For a new-age business to thrive, it needs innovative young business minds. Rohit Golia and Harsh Maskara are the whizzes behind the exponential success arc of Drip Project. Rohit is very adept at marketing and a recognized figure in the Influencer Marketing community whereas Harsh has a strong foundation in e-commerce and marketing. With a combined skillset like that, they were aiming for global success right when the seed of this business idea was being planted.
Drip Project co-founders, Rohit Golia and Harsh Maskara have an extensive network in various industries that cater to the millennials and Gen Z. Of all conversations and discussions that unravel in their extended circle, there seemed to be a common glaring void when it came to luxury jewellery. While the demand in India has been skyrocketing, there aren’t enough suppliers in the market who offer luxury jewellery at affordable prices. The prices of shipping and the product itself deter a lot of customers from making purchases. Taking on this challenge, the two business alphas embarked on their journey to set up a brand that makes jewellery for a new generation with only one motton in focus – luxury made affordable.

Mind you, this power move was no easy task. With a plethora of renowned brands internationally, entering the luxury jewellery space meant that the co-founders had their work cut out for them. Rohit and Harsh indulged in thorough research understanding the industry, analysing the Indian market, forecasting business specific trends and constructing models that revolve around customer satisfaction. Venturing into the niche space of luxury jewellery, the co-founders left no stone unturned as they leveraged their e-commerce and marketing expertise to reach the targeted audience. With only 4 months in business, Drip Project has already found a strong holding in the market and stirred competition.

Pioneering ways to catch the drift of the youth, Drip Project has a modern, bold and exclusive line of products that aligns perfectly with new trends. Products and pieces that have been validated through the many names attached with the brand, creating a buzz that has never been seen before. As Drip Project continues to make its presence felt, it has thus far scored umpteen collaborations with the stars of B-town. An iridescent list that ranges from the bearers of fearless fashion like Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, Rhea Kapoor, Tara Sutaria, Mc Altaf, Masaba to influential personalities like Rashi Khanna, Aaditya Seal, Sanjana Sanghi, King, Karishma Sharma, Fotty Seven, Bali, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant. In a social media driven, the brand hit it right when it collaborated with some mega influencers of the country like – Meghna Kaur, Shivani Singh, Sonakshi Singh, Radhika Sheth, Kat Kristian, Mehak Ghai, Mohit Hiranandani, amongst others.

Drip Project is a new gen brand that celebrates the boldness in your simplicity, the fearlessness in your independence. It pushes you to express your vibe. It inspires you to unleash your inner shine.

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