Marin Barzani Shares 3 Life Lessons He Learned During His Success Journey


Marin Saman Saber Barzani is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Zagros Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in Iraq. He was born in the city of Erbil in Iraq but grew up in the United States, where he graduated from American University.

Since he was a child, Marin Saman Saber Barzani had a natural entrepreneurial spirit combined with a burning desire to enter his family business and take it to the next level. The dynamic nature of the business, along with his innate creativity, pushed him towards a mission to build an impactful enterprise.

Although Marin did face a few difficulties after taking on the role of CEO, he pushed through them with utmost dedication and is now one of the fundamental forces behind the massive success of his company. Here are three lessons he learned along the way:

Get out of your comfort zone

Human beings are creatures of habit. We are often drawn towards doing things that seem quick and easy, staying primarily within our comfort zone.

According to Marin Barzani, refraining from challenging ourselves only restricts our growth as human beings. A low-risk appetite and a refusal to push limits are why most people fail to achieve their true potential.

A comfort zone might seem like a safe and secure place, but nothing ever grows there. Most people who achieved success in life did so by doing something out of the box.

Failure is only one part of the process

Throughout our growing years, we are taught that failure is a bad thing. We always think that if you fail at anything, people will look down upon you and even ridicule you.

Contrary to what society has taught us, Marin Barzani says that the most significant lesson his success has taught him is that failure is inevitable. In fact, you must fail big to achieve big.

He believes that if you are not encountering small failures in business, you are probably playing it too safe and therefore setting yourself up for permanent failure.

Keep the hunger to learn alive

An ability to learn and adapt to the demands of a situation can prove to be one of the most vital skills to have in entrepreneurship and even life. In a business environment, the ability to learn is often the key to success.

It is unavoidable for an entrepreneur to go through ups and downs throughout their journey. Marin Saman Saber Barzani believes that gaining more knowledge from all the situations you face equips you with the necessary experience and expertise to surmount every challenge in the future.

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