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The crypto industry is known for its meteoric rise and has also seen a handful of people who have made their impact on the industry. Speaking about impactful people, meet Eljaboom! Eljaboom is a dynamite in the crypto industry and with his years of eminent experience in the industry, he has carved a niche for himself. In our conversation, we discover how Eljaboom started from humble beginnings to building Ajoobz, a pan-world company that has multiple locations across the Globe which is an expert advisor for many projects that helps them build solid crypto-portfolios to leverage their position in the market.

When asked what made him join the crypto industry, he points towards the potential he saw behind the industry. Eljaboom also mentions that he knew it was not an easy path growing industry like Crypto, therefore he dedicated most of his initial years to understanding the market and analyzing its behaviors during breakouts and bullish phases. He says that all of this helped him build an underlying base framework that can be applied to any project with some changes in variables based on the nature of the project.

Eljaboom has a huge following of 520K followers on his Twitter handle and when asked how he felt about it, Eljaboom says that it is indeed humbling to see a huge crowd following and loving him for what he does but he also asserts that it puts him in a position to be extra cautious about the things that he posts on his socials. He says that when you have a huge following, you have a huge responsibility, and with the growing followers on his socials, looks like he is doing right by it.

Many people follow Eljaboom for the fact bombs that he drops and every one of them carries value that helps us in making smart decisions with our crypto portfolios, said a fan.

When asked about the challenges that he had to face when he was building Ajoobz, he mentions that the biggest challenge he had was to align the team of his company with his. He says that everyone’s view on creating an impact on the world is different and coordinating it towards a unique path is the most difficult one. With most of the top-tier projects being clients of Ajoobz, looks like Eljaboom has done a perfect job of building a company with an amazing vision.

Eljaboom’s recent involvement with ChangPeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance went viral on Twitter. When asked about the interaction, Eljaboom claims that when you have an idea and you want to execute it to its fullest potential, you need to discuss it with the right minds to understand your trajectory. He says that his recent interaction with the CEO of Binance was related to something that he has building for a long time now. when asked about the details of this project, Eljaboom says that he intends to keep it discreet until it’s ready and when asked what one can expect from it, he says, it is gonna be huge!

When asked about what he intends for the future, Eljaboom says that there are a lot of things that he wants to work on including starting his very own farm on planet Mars. He says that when he shifts to Mars, he intends to give away all of his crypto holdings. He also mentioned that he is keen on influencing more people to unlock their true potential by helping them think in a way that creates an impact. When asked why he smiles and says,

When you want the world to change, it has to be with immense dynamism and that comes when you have a strong passion for anything. He says that when you start working on something, you will have to think in a way that can change the world and not just change your life.

To know more about Eljaboom, Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok.

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