Art Morrison III Shares Secrets That Turn First-Time Home Buyers into Successful Real Estate Investors

Art Morrison III

Art Morrison III has made a lucrative career out of real estate investing, and now he is on a mission to share his knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

One of his primary goals is to shift the way people think about real estate – and in the process, he is turning home buyers into successful investors with a series of steps that can generate massive revenue.

“The reason why everyone doesn’t buy a house is because they usually go the traditional way,” Morrison III says. “You get out of college and think, I have to save up because the down payment will be a lot, and I have to get my credit right – or get credit if I don’t have any. That’s how everyone thinks.”

But where others see obstacles, Morrison III has always seen opportunity. And when it comes to investing in real estate, there is an opportunity for people to own property, generate additional income streams, and enjoy the life that they have always wanted. And the best part is, it is easier than people think.

Instead of trying to do it alone, Morrison III explains, you can leverage the numerous benefits of starting a limited liability company (LLC).

Financial Benefits of Starting an LLC

Morrison III uses an example of 6 college friends to illustrate how an LLC can help new homeowners transform what could be a daunting purchase into a lucrative investment opportunity.

“Instead of renting a place together or even buying a house, and co-signing for each other, which is what people are familiar with, we can just form an LLC together,” Morrison III explains. “That means we can pick any of our credit scores to acquire the property – we would just pick who has the best credit.”

And if nobody has generated a high enough credit score for the investment, there are easy solutions as well – all without the risk of traditional home purchases. If nobody qualifies, you can add anyone to the LLC who already has strong credit and longevity.

“With an LLC you can have as many members as you want,” Morrison III says. This creates unique opportunities for people to join together and invest in high-value properties. This is particularly valuable to people who understand how to use the power of social media.

“If you have 100 thousand followers on Instagram, and you have a good investment, you can go on Instagram and say, hey, if you want to invest in this Airbnb building I’m buying, I’m selling shares for $2000, and we are offering 10% returns on $2000,” Morrison III says. “By purchasing as an LLC, you can have 100 shares for $2000 a share.”

That type of investment would equate to a down payment on a million-dollar property, Morrison III says.

“That is the purchasing power with an LLC, you can come up with all of these different strategies, as opposed to when you’re personally purchasing under your own name. If you are just buying it, they will go off how much money you make at work, and your personal credit.”

Perhaps most important of all, investing in real estate through an LLC reduces the liability for every person involved – meaning there is little risk but enormous opportunity.

In a private LLC, “you make the rules in an operating agreement,” Morrison III says. “From a liability perspective, no one can sue you personally. And from a tax perspective it is great, because whenever you buy a new property, it doesn’t show up on your credit score.”

There are additional restrictions if you take your LLC public to become SEC compliant, Morrison III explains, but those extra steps are worth it when you consider the returns you can gain on your investments.

And for new investors looking to learn more, Morrison III says, it is easy to get started.

“The knowledge is out there, it’s free,” Morrison III says. “And then there are mentorship programs that we offer, and we basically set it all up for people. So, there are affordable options out there. Anyone can privately invest in real estate through the power of an LLC.”


Art Morrison III is a successful entrepreneur, investor, author, and consultant. His real estate investment courses have helped countless students learn how to earn significant returns through buying and selling properties. To learn more about Art Morrison III and download his free e-book, visit or follow him on Instagram.

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