Paige Restivo: Quality With a Personal Touch

Paige Restivo
Paige Restivo

Paige Restivo is a legend in the making. Over the last three years, she has built her company Shop Paige NY from the ground up. Growing up in Greenvale, New York, her dad was a small jewelry shop owner – clearly a major influence in her decision to break into the industry.  From her humble beginnings as a retail worker to building a career as a territory manager for a medical company, her personal growth has been marked by a strong ability to connect to people.

After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Paige found herself quickly entering the workforce. For several years, she dabbled in real estate and retail fashion before finally settling on a career in medical sales. She was very good at her job, but knew that something was missing. “I was making really good money, but I wasn’t happy. Something was missing. After committing some time to soul searching, she found out what it was. “I wanted to do something for myself.” Not one to waste time, she ran through her options and decided to sell jewelry online. At first, sales came slow. She was still working her full time job and tried to sell her pieces through online outlets, like d-pop and ebay. As business started to pick up, she quickly realized that the biggest piece of building her business would be connecting to people.

“A lot of people struggle with sales; I’ve always been a natural, but it was time to turn that to my own brand.” Restivo’s efforts to reach her customers on a personal level worked. Now three years later, she has built a multi-million dollar brand and continues to grow. When she was asked what she thinks people can learn from her story, her answer was simple. “People and passion.” she continued to explain that too many people have the wrong focus. Whether an entrepreneur or a career professional, you have to place your focus on people and the easiest way to make that happen is if you are passionate about what you are doing.

Restivo’s approach to her business isn’t always the easiest way. It takes a lot of time and consistency to build relationships with people – especially when your audience is online, but her hard work has paid off. Although she is strongly a people person, she also tracks her goals. Keeping constant sales goals and meeting them keeps the business going and encourages her to always be looking a step ahead at the next milestone. It also shows her the direct relationship between building connections with people and simply chasing money. “Whenever I see a decline in sales, I know that I haven’t been connecting with my customers the way that I should.” Ultimately, Restivo’s goal was to live her dream, making others feel good too, and she is doing just that by sharing her unique jewelry with people around the world.

You can view the many chic options that are offered by the Shop Paige brand, or contact Paige and her team at the SHOP PAIGE | New York website.

Or you can follow the brand on Instagram @shoppaigeofficial for new releases, deals, and more.

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