6 Useful Resources and Apps for Businesses in Canada

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The recognition, reputation and success of many businesses largely depend on how high your site is in the search results. The number of active Internet users is growing every day. Everyone knows how convenient it is to be able to type in “vegan cafe near me” or “car service nearby” and see a large number of options available.

We can see a huge number of location-based applications emerging that bring customers closer to different businesses. For the same reasons, these applications are useful for representatives of local businesses.

In this article, we will share the most useful resources and apps that local businesses in Canada can use to become more visible to potential customers.

Google My Business

First of all, you need to appear on this resource. When you register on this resource, your company will appear in one of the most popular search engines. You will see how the location of your business will be marked on the maps and thus, everyone will be able to see your location, as well as find out all the information they need about you.

Everyone will be able to find you here, and everyone will be able to leave their feedback if they have already used your services. The more positive reviews you get, the more stars your establishment will get.

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Yelp Canada

While offline it is important to continue to actively advertise your business, which you can do by creating various advertisements, business cards, and other flyers with free to use mockups, but online it is important to appear on various resources to get closer to users.

One such application is Yelp Canada. This application contains information about many local establishments. Here you can find reviews, as well as recommendations about institutions. Moreover, using this resource, you will be able to communicate with your customers and clients, both in private messages and publicly. You can also see how often users visit your page.


Every business either offers some kind of service or sells products. Each of these services must be sold to remain successful. This resource can help you with that. It is especially popular in Canada because here you can find ads for anything.

You can place an ad for any kind of service. It can be the sale of cars, real estate, household goods, pets, and much more. Moreover, here you will see progressive ways to promote your business and services with embedded advertising. The best part is that advertising here is free. That is why it would be foolish to refuse such an opportunity and attract the attention of more than 14 million users.


This is another resource that is used by more than 11 million users. You can share complete information about your business with users, as well as build routes and tell them how to get to you. Thus, you will become even more visible to potential customers.

You will be able to track the number of users who actively view information about your establishment. Moreover, users will be able to leave comments about your services and products.


Users need to be able to find out the opinion of other people about any service or product. This website is designed specifically for everyone to be able to leave comments. Representatives of local establishments can publish contact information, various illustrations and videos, opening hours, and other details.

Come in We are Open

Silex Canada

If your business provides many services or products, then you probably have a price list. Using this resource, you can publish a list of your goods and services, as well as indicate current prices. Each client will appreciate the fact that you post such information.

This site receives a good amount of user traffic. In this regard, its use will be beneficial for your business.


There are now many useful web resources for local businesses to get even closer to their customers and potential buyers.








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