Alyst AKA Jared Woodson on Collaborating with Oscar Sanchez for ‘Gleeming’

Jared Woodson
Jared Woodson

Making music is a dream career for many people, but it can be hard to break into the scene. Jared Woodson shares that working with expert producers like Oscar Sanchez has helped his music blow up worldwide

Jared Woodson makes R&B and hip-hop music under the name Alyst. His most popular single right now is called ‘Gleeming.’ He collaborated on the song with Oscar Sanchez of Affluent Entertainment. Oscar is the former A&R for Def Jam and other famous acts. “I had never anticipated that I would work with someone so popular near the beginning of my career,” says Jared Woodson. “I was very nervous going into our session because I wanted to do my absolute best,” shares Jared.

“I brought the song to Oscar Sanchez when I thought it was completely finished,” Jared Woodson shares. “Immediately, he started making it so much better. We collaborated and figured out a way to make the song absolutely perfect.” Now, the song is in rotation at BET and is receiving lots of streams on Spotify. Overall, Jared Woodson states that he would love to work with Oscar Sanchez and other notable music producers in the future.

Jared Woodson, aka Alyst, has big dreams for his career. “I want to completely revolutionize a sound that’s unique to me,” he said. “Pharrell Williams has done it before. I think I can create a unique product that people will enjoy for years to come.” He wants to reach as many people as possible with his music so they can understand where he’s coming from and live by his message. His absolute dream is to win a Grammy. “It would be a dream come true,” reveals Jared.

Jared Woodson is already making waves in the music scene, and he feels blessed to be associated with talent like Oscar Sanchez. He can’t wait to produce music and develop a sound that his audience will love.

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