Leon Ohm: Meet the Passionate YouTuber Behind “OhBrox” Who Boasts 15-30 Million Views Per Month


In today’s world, it’s difficult to imagine a time before YouTube. The video streaming platform has transformed the way we use, share, and digest content. There is now a YouTube video for almost every subject under the sun, no matter how esoteric or obscure. Whether you’re looking for content that is educational, inspirational, humorous, life-enriching, or simply plain silly, YouTube has something for everyone.

However, it is exactly this broad spectrum and wealth of content that makes it harder than ever before to stand out on a social media site that is top-heavy with users. Lean Ohm is the YouTuber behind “OhBrox” whose channels boast 15-30 million views per month. He knows from experience that getting noticed and getting seen on YouTube is no walk in the park.

“Succeeding on YouTube is no different to succeeding in any other field, you need passion and something to offer people that is unique to you,” explained Leon Ohm, who added, “You also need to believe in what you’re doing when everyone else doubts you. I focused full-time on my YouTube channel straight from school. You need to have the drive to upload videos daily and create videos that are top quality. You need to be constantly attracting new viewers and growing your audience if you want to make a name for yourself.”

Leon Ohm was definitely doing something right. He’s come a long way from the 10-year-old kid who was obsessed with creating and recording videos. He has since created a 4 channel empire with 7 employees. His channels attract millions of viewers worldwide who are looking for something to brighten their day and put a smile on their faces. Leon Ohm explained, “When I first started people used to mock me and I sometimes wondered why I was sacrificing my weekends just to create and upload videos, but in hindsight, it was all worth it. I love what I do, am financially secure and I love the fact that not only am I in a position to brighten up other people’s days, but I can also make significant contributions to charity.”

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