Influencer Charles Thompson Promotes Self-Development to Gain Freedom


    Self-development is a continuous process of improving skills and setting goals to become accomplished enough to acquire freedom in life. Charles Thompson is a freedom educator and Instagram influencer who empowers aspiring individuals to focus on self-development. By setting his own example, Charles posts content to motivate his followers. 

    Charles is a well-known figure in the solar community for being a successful entrepreneur. He is an advisory board member of Powur PBC, a solar power contracting company that works with big and small corporations to replace electricity with solar energy. Charles has been working in the energy field for over 25 years and has worked hard to find ways to reduce carbon pollution. To promote environment-friendly solar energy, he gathered a team to build an engaging platform to bring partnership opportunities among manufacturers, lenders and entrepreneurs. 

    As an Instagram influencer, Charles is firm on his message of freedom and self-development. He believes that every person can acquire freedom if they work towards it. Through self-development, one can take small steps towards reaching their big goals and be free from the shackles of conventional society. For Charles, personal development is all about improving skills, finding connections, gaining knowledge, attending conferences, and doing what will improve the mindset of people. 

    On his YouTube channel, Charles has posted long discussions of freedom and the pathway to freedom. He says that the key to leading a successful life is to never stop learning. By investing time and money in the right things, one can acquire the personal freedom they have always dreamt of. Although the path to freedom is not as easy as it seems, the end result is always rewarding. 

    He shows this from his own career example. Charles studied hard to earn an MBA in business management from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. He then joined various big corporations and led teams to work on various projects. Charles also co-founded All Gard and worked at CasePost where he increased annual revenue for both companies. The success of Charles’s career comes from his constant struggle to learn and grow with time. He was the COO of The Studio Spaces where he dedicated his efforts to expand the business by working on a strategy to grow its assets by $20 million in the business market. Now, he is a mentor with the freedom to choose what he wants to do in life due to his own personal development. 

    The pathway to freedom is through self-development. Freedom Academy ( is a virtual community platform led by Charles to help people all around the world to gain freedom. Freedom Academy promotes overcoming limiting beliefs, learning about the art of persuasion, and following your passion to be free. Charles has created a space that provides free content and connects people around the world to strive for freedom in life through personal development in a period of less than three years.

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