Adam Thomas Moryto Ponders How We Can Still Be Human without Music


It is hard to imagine a life without music. After all, music has been a part of human history since the dawn of mankind. It has been a contributing factor to almost every era and it has also defined generations. Adam Thomas Moryto cannot fathom a world without music, calling it a melancholy existence where something would be missing from the soul.


After all, music is a part of life. It speaks to us and for us when we cannot find the right words. It helps us unlock emotions and purge feelings or even discover new ones. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Most of us remember our first concerts or what was playing during life’s most pivotal moments. Music is the friend that is always there for us. It is a soothing, comforting presence that can help one endure even the most difficult of times. Adam Thomas Moryto cannot even begin to understand how we can be human if music, part of the human experience, does not exist.


And how would musicians live without music? The thought of having a mix of lyrics, notes, rhythms, tempos, and melodies in one’s head with no outlet for them is truly distressing! It is like having a gift to offer the world but no way of realizing this, much less presenting that glorious gift. At the same time, we would not know what we would be missing. Ignorance is not bliss; it is tragic, as would be a world without music.


As an experiment, Adam Thomas Moryto tried to not listen to music for a week to see what the experience would be like. It didn’t work, because he replayed several songs stored deep in his memories. Even if all the music in the world vanished tomorrow, we would still hear certain chords in our minds due to the deep imprint it leaves.


As Adam Thomas Moryto does not see music leaving our lives, he dismisses the gloomy thought of a life without this joy by putting on a happy vibe and simply letting it work its magic.


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