Austin Dotson is a GymShark Athlete and Fitness Digital Creator

Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson

Many fitness influencers can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. The posting of workout videos, images, and workout routines that showcase the creator’s superhuman physique is not uncommon. They often appear superficial, only concerned with their physical appearances and exercise routines. This is not the case, as Mr. Austin Dotson is a prime example.

Born on October 17, 1991, Austin Dotson is a digital creator, athlete, and fitness influencer from Carson, California. Growing up, Austin was always infatuated with athletics and sports. For a while, he indulged in Taekwondo, and began to truly appreciate the craft. In high school, he played football and he thoroughly enjoyed it. As he played throughout high school, he always ruminated on the fact that the tuition for undergraduate Education may be out of reach, due to the financial situations of his parents. Dotsons spent endless hours working diligently on perfecting the game of football. Soon, Dotson fell in love. By the end of his high school career, he received collegiate offers to continue his dreams of being a professional football player. Dotson played 4 years in college. When he graduated, he went undrafted to the NFL. This did not stop him. Though he underwent rigorous training and networked, he remained motivated to become a professional footballer. Although never in the NFL, Austin played football in the arena league, which is still considered professional sports.

Afterwards, the NFL prospect put hsi dreams of becoming an NFL player to the side, and began a job to support his daughter. He worked tirelessly for a mortgage company, sometimes working twelve hour shifts. He began to drink more, and associated with the wrong crowd. His mental and physical health took a turn for the worst.

Shortly after his newfound undisciplined behaviors, Dotson was arrested for a DUI. His career as a football player enedde, he had to dish out money for his DUI, and he had a daughter that he could barely provide for. Dotson fell into depression until January of 2017. Finally, he said enough is enough. Dotson looked into the mirror and made a decision that he would become a better man, and a better father for his daughter.

Dotson stopped all of his bad habits. He purchased a 24-hour fitness membership after filing for unemployment. He became dedicated to becoming a healthy, well disciplined athlete again. He began to research the proper strategies to health. He explored how to train, when, where, what to eat, and how to stay motivated. Within just three weeks, Dotson noticed a major difference that pushed him to continue his journey. Before long, Dotson landed a better paying, and more eleninetly scheduled job as a physical therapist. After looking in the mirror again six months later, he realized that the man standing there was completely different.

Since then, Dotson has exploded with his motivation and digital creations. He has appearances on multiple magazine covers. Dotson has been published in Men’s Health Magazine, he has a plethora of national press releases, and he has well over half a million dedicated instagram followers, who are all anticipating and waiting for his upcoming fitness tips. His digital creations and unique fitness videos have made him one of Instagram’s top creators. Through his Reel’s and videos, Dotson shares his story, in hopes to motivate others as well.

Even more, this amazing fitness celebrity is associated with major apparel and fitness brands like GymShark. See more of Austin Dotson’s amazing creations on his Instagram page here.



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