According To Veronica Figueroa, Freedom Lies On The Opposite Side Of Fear

Veronica Figueroa
Veronica Figueroa

It’s up to you to take actions that will prevent fear from allowing you to live the life of your dreams. When you are presented with uncertainty, you have to learn to shift life’s circumstances and continue following your passion. Veronica Figueroa inspires people to take action with her directional wisdom to discover the freedom that exists when you live beyond fear.

Veronica was raised in a military family born to Puerto Rican parents. Her family moved a lot and Veronica grew up watching her mom open businesses in each military station her father was assigned to. With her mother as an example, Veronica developed a passion for leadership in business and female entrepreneurship. Even when she became a mother at age 16, she never let anything stop her from living her purpose. Instead, she learned to embrace life’s changes and focus on making a difference in business.

Your mindset is one of your greatest tools to unlocking new levels of success. By falling in love with her purpose and passion, Veronica has become unstoppable in real estate. The Figueroa Team has achieved the #1 team worldwide for eXp Realty out of 70,000 members, reaching over $700 million in 2021 in sales volume. This accomplishment makes her one of the best operators in the real estate space and gained Veronica prestige in the industry. In recognition of her talents, she has been nominated on Success Magazine, a place where major influencers are groomed. As a woman in business, Veronica is making history.

“I am a huge advocate for women in leadership and diversity. I have always gone against the status quo and dared to think differently, breaking down many barriers in the real estate industry. I have served on Zillows Advisory Board for seven years, won major real estate industry awards, and continue to be sought after as an industry leader and thought expert,” says Veronica Figueroa.

Not only has Veronica broken down barriers in business, but also within herself. She has overcome her own limiting beliefs, giving her the freedom to be her most authentic self. She uses these same principles as she builds up the leaders in others she knows they can be. Veronica coaches real estate teams on how to build systems, culture, recruiting, and leadership to create the business they envision. “I am a very strategic visionary that is always playing offense and obsessed with the journey of self improvement and mastering focus. I have overcome the challenges of mindset by working on personal development which has helped me reach a level of success I never imagined,” says Veronica Figueroa.

Veronica is driven to inspire people to become the leader they were meant to be. Through wisdom and inspiration, she helps you take the right steps to live the life of your dreams. As Venus Williams said of Veronica during an interview on being a champion in women’s leadership, “Leadership is her love language!” You can find inspiration from Veronica on Instagram @veronicafigueroainspires.

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