Meet Aiden Pleterski, The Entrepreneur Dominating The Crypto Space


What started as a love for video games has crowned Aiden Pleterski as “The Crypto King”. Born and raised in Whitby, Ontario (Canada), this 22-year-old entrepreneur and cryptocurrency maven began his journey to success in 2015. While playing online video games, Aiden initially discovered cryptocurrency as a way to buy and sell in-game items. From there, Aiden quickly cultivated a broader understanding of trading online and began to incorporate it into life outside of games. Aiden seized upon a massive investment opportunity by investing in Bitcoin early in the game, when its value was relatively low. As Bitcoin grew in popularity, Aiden capitalized on the growing stock, maximizing the return on his initial investment.

Cryptocurrency is unique in that its value is not tied to the fluctuation of traditional currency. When federal money is printed, its value decreases; however, Bitcoin is a “finite” form of currency, in that its true value never changes. By deeply understanding and utilizing Bitcoin’s potential, Aiden stayed ahead of the curve to expand his crypto portfolio and, ultimately, his assets. Meanwhile, Aiden pursued his education by attending college at Fanshawe in London, Ontario. Afterward, he applied his cryptocurrency knowledge to working in cybersecurity with Compass Group Canada. Through the company, he was given opportunities to work with high-profile customers such as Tim Hortons and other well-known grocery store chains.


Aiden eventually took his biggest risk yet, ditching his 9-to-5 job in order to focus on investing in cryptocurrency full-time. He is currently preparing to launch his own company with the goal of disrupting the cryptocurrency industry entirely. Aiden is quickly becoming the face of young, successful investors and entrepreneurs everywhere, exemplifying what it means to create your own success story in the digital age. Follow his rise on Instagram at @aiden_pleterski.


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