How to Improve Your Focus During a Workout

Health and Fitness

Unless you’re white-water rafting or surfing, exercise might feel like a huge, boring challenge. Seconds can feel like hours when you’re tackling a treadmill, exercise bike, or rowing machine. If you’re working your way through reps, tackling a tough exercise, or battling tiredness, your mind may drift, or you might feel tempted to throw in the towel.

Improving your concentration during a workout can make physical activity feel much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, you could reach your fitness goals at a much quicker rate. Find out how to improve your focus during a workout.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Exercise

Mentally preparing yourself for physical activity will increase your likelihood of achieving your goals. Before starting any exercise, ask yourself what you would like to accomplish during a workout, such as improving your speed on a treadmill or increasing lifts and reps.

When you are struggling, remember your goals to maintain your focus and energy levels. Remind yourself during a challenging workout why you are working out, such as to lose weight or improve your physical health.

Eliminate Distractions

Staying focused on an exercise can feel a difficult feat, especially if you feel uncomfortable or stressed. To reach your potential and perform your best each session, you must eliminate all distractions during a workout. For example, if you wear glasses or uncomfortable lenses, you may focus more attention on your discomfort than hitting your goal. If so, switch to more comfortable one day lenses that offer precise vision to support your focus.

Concentrate on Your Muscles

Keep your brain and body engaged during an exercise by concentrating on the muscles you’re using. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights or using a rowing machine, think about each muscle you are working on. Concentrate on both contracting and relaxing your muscles while inhaling and exhaling deeply. It will help you focus on the activity and work harder on the target area.

Create a Fun Playlist

Much research has found that music can help the mind and body during exercise. Psychologists believe music cannot only boost a person’s energy during a workout, but it can distract from fatigue and pain. If this wasn’t enough, music can lift a person’s mood during intense exercise, boost endurance, and may even support metabolic proficiency.

Listening to songs during a workout could help you run much further, swim faster, or tackle a longer bike ride. Maximize its benefits by choosing high-energy, fast songs that evoke positive memories or emotions. The playlist could improve your emotional state, increase your motivation, and boost your enjoyment during exercise.

Shake Up Exercises

A new activity may improve your focus and enjoyment. If you have noticed your concentration is starting to wane, take a new exercise class, try a different exercise, or switch up the order of a workout. If motivation and enjoyment are becoming an issue, switch to a group training session to enjoy a fun environment that will encourage you to work harder.

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