Rainmaker Challenge Shows Stay At Home Moms How to Build a Side Hustle Without the “Mom Guilt”


We all can go on and on about the importance of sacrifices. However, when the time comes, most of us are incapable of doing so. But, there is type of human that the world knows as the epitome of sacrifices – Mothers. Mothers are willing to sacrifice everything they know and like for the sake of others. It is high time we reward mothers for their love and provide them with the freedom to pursue their dreams. The Rainmaker Family is dedicated to helping moms realize their dreams and follow them passionately.

Chelsey and Stephen Diaz are the establishers of The Rainmaker Family. Their motive behind this project is to mentor motivated mothers from around the world on creating alternative sources of income. They teach them how to succeed in the e-commerce space by creating their own brands and leveraging Amazon FBA to reach their target clients. Their achievements are proof of their work and success. They are the four-time recipients of Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club awards, recognition for the top 1% of internet marketers using online sales funnel software. They have numerous strategies to help moms fulfill their dreams. Also, their podcast has ranked number 4 on the Apple Podcast Charts for Entrepreneurship in between the famous The Tim Ferriss Show and The Rachel Hollis Podcast.


The couple wants to cheer mothers and young couples and help them find a way to sustain themselves in the world of money. Their reason to help mothers is that they understand that being a mother and pursuing your passion is challenging. As a mother, society expects you to make tough choices and sacrifices for your family, and when you follow your passion, they label you as selfish. It leads to mothers being unable to do anything for themselves as the “mom guilt” does not let them overcome these societal pressures. Chelsey and Stephen are well-aware of the adversaries faced by mothers and introduced the Rainmaker Challenge to help them. They are known for their incredible value. They let people see and understand their business model before even opening up an application to their Mastermind training program.


The Rainmaker Family is family-focused and trustworthy. It is designed keeping in mind the mothers and their family time. It has the best interests for young families looking to create a side hustle on their own to nurture their families better.


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