Samuel Cardillo on the Importance of Continually Widening and Upgrading Your Existing Skillset


There are many things today indicative of the fact that we live in a different world than before. It’s a space vastly alien to what our ancestors had experienced during their time. One of the many indicators of this is the fact that now, thanks to modern technology and digitization, many of us stand to become proficient in multiple skills at once. An engineer can also be a musician, an artist a coder, a teacher also a baker, and so on. For Samuel Cardillo, Founder and CEO of ShadowBreak Intl and the CTO of RTFKT Studios, this makes continually widening and upgrading one’s skillset of critical importance in today’s times.

Today, people can open themselves up to many more possibilities than was possible in the past. In a time of such change, the most important question to be asked, according to Samuel Cardillo, is what’s keeping us from upgrading our existing skillset. Is it the fear of failure, laziness, or something you can’t quite put your finger on? Well, whatever the reason, Cardillo says it’s high time we get rid of it. “If you’re planning to start a business, no matter the size, you will have to become versatile,” he explains. “Whenever you can’t find an ideal candidate for a particular task, you might have to do it yourself. Moreover, when you wish to expand, you will need to diversify the portfolio of your existing skillset. There are many more reasons to justify learning new things. But these are enough for anyone serious about the future to get started.”

“When you have a vast skillset, you are automatically more in demand,” explains Samuel Cardillo. “You have more to do and more to teach. This, in itself, ensures that you are busy in a productive way. Additionally, when you are serious about upgrading your skillset, you show the world your seriousness about what you do, the level at which you engage with it, and how much you are willing to put yourself up to new challenges more than others. People admire those who are continuously evolving. They find them inspiring. And when people who inspire build businesses, they stand to gain more than most others.”

“Change is indeed the natural order of things in the world. And in order to keep up and stay ahead, it is imperative for everyone to upgrade their skills and remain relevant,” concludes Samuel Cardillo.

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