Selecting an AMD laptop for playing games

Choosing the right laptop for gaming

Every person playing games would always wish to win. While the performance of the gamer will depend on his skills and experience to a great extent, even the best player will not perform well if he uses a laptop with a slow microprocessor or CPU, has less memory, or if the laptop is hacked. Usually, the price of a laptop will vary depending on the CPU which is used, and more powerful CPUs will cost more money. Many buyers are interested in purchasing an AMD laptop for gaming since the cost of an AMD CPU is usually less compared to the Intel CPU of the same processor power. Some of the factors which the laptop buyers should consider while purchasing laptops mainly for playing games are discussed.

CPU specifications

The performance of a player depends on the CPU processing power, so the buyer should check the CPU speed. The top speed for the AMD Ryzen 9 5900 HX is 4.6 GHz. This CPU has eight cores and a cache of 20 MB. This ensures that the laptop is very fast and there is no delay. It is also important to check the cooling since a powerful CPU will also generate more heat. If the temperature remains very high, the components will get damaged quickly. It is better to purchase a laptop with liquid-vapor cooling and a large surface area for cooling so that the heat is conducted away quickly. The cooling system should also have plenty of fans.

Gaming on Laptop


Another factor that affects the player’s performance is the graphic configuration. Most of the laptops are using the Nvidia Geforce RTX system which uses the latest tensor cores, RT cores, and multiprocessors. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for generating ray-traced graphics, to give the images a realistic look. The RTX 3080 is the latest graphics processor, and the cost of a laptop with this graphics processor is significantly higher than a laptop with older models of the graphic processor. The Quad high definition (QHD) 165 display, ensures that the laptop combines excellent resolution with a high refresh rate.


The player can only win if he reacts quickly and correctly, so it is important to have high-quality input devices. To ensure that each keystroke is accurately measured, the keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature. The actual height for each key is 1.1 mm and the latest technology is used to prevent errors. For an enhanced gaming experience, the key color can be selected from more than 16.8 million color shades according to the user’s personal preferences. The laptop should have a large precision touchpad so that it is easy to control the cursor while playing games. In some cases, gestures can be also used to control the cursor.

Other features

The laptop buyers are purchasing a laptop instead of a desktop because they will be using it in different locations. So it is important to check the battery rating since it will consume more power. Ideally, the laptop should have a battery backup of at least 12 hours. Additionally, the weight of the laptop should also be considered, a smaller laptop will usually weigh less.


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