Razek with his passion turned his gambling into a million-dollar empire.


The prediction king Razek is profoundly known for his venture called “Conseils Yulpronos Inc”.

Several people are known for their success and their challenges. However, their miracles of ruling the world lie in their passion and interest. A 21-year old boy Razek has astounded the crowd with the magic of his predicting power. His instinct and predictions are most of the time accurate which has gained his popularity around the globe.

Razek at an early age used to watch people winning life-changing amounts of money on tv by gambling. That inspired him to bet with his friends on the outcome of soccer games and winning a majority of the time. This achievement even led him so popular among his friends that they started giving their part of the winning amount to him for his recommendation.

Razek’s keen interest molded him to nurture his career at the age of 17 by studying data analytics, even dropping in on university classes without even being enrolled. With his curiosity to enhance his skills he never missed his class of a McGill University course called ‘Foundations of Decision Analytics’ during a semester. Seeing his interest his professor use to recognize him through his name.

Razek has proved to the world that your burning fire of passion could lead to a revolutionary in the talent that you are born with. Thus, gaining confidence and escalating his career in prediction he established his own venture “Conseils Yulpronos Inc,” Quebec’s which is now known as the number one sports betting analytics company. Due to his power of predicting he has enthralled social media platforms and is a well-known celebrity where he collaborates with other Canadian celebrities. People are seeking him as their asset for various gambling websites when expanding their target market into the province leading them to unbeatable expansion in their revenue.

Razek has inspired and motivated youths to work hard to satisfy their inner soul to touch the sky of victory. Razek has a glorious future to explore his career engrossing more victory diamonds in his predicting journey.

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