Follow the smart money: Ape N Out token is giving banks a run for their money. How a simple Ethereum token outperforms any bank given asset.

Ape N Out
Ape N Out

A brand new Ethereum based token by the name of Ape N Out is directly rivaling with the banks. High annual percentage yield (APY) is an absolute cakewalk for the new Ape N Out token, giving out more than 25% in Ethereum reflections to all the holders.

Many investors are running away from traditional bank investments due to negative interest rates or low yearly returns. Inflation rates are increasing everyday due to multiple stimulus packages that went out previously, investors are looking for deflationary investments, or places that are considered to be a “store of value.”

Follow the smart money:
Smart money is moving into cryptocurrencies. Many different cryptocurrency investments can provide a huge annual percentage yield. These APY % can range anywhere from 2 to 10000% APY on selected cryptocurrency assets.The lower spectrum usually consists of stable coins such as USDT/BUSD where as higher APY yields usually associate with high risk – high reward tokens such as Shiba Inu or Doge coin. However, as time goes by, the risk begins to reduce. With meme coins being very short lived, investors are getting smarter and smarter each day.

The smart money is now going into reflection tokens.A reflection token is simply put, a dividend paying cryptocurrency which rewards you for simply holding the token. As the popular phrase “HODL” is used in cryptocurrencies. With Ape N Out, HODLERS are rewarded with Ethereum tokens. Ape N Out is one of the most promising, uprising cryptocurrencies of 2021. With a smooth fair launch that has happened on November 1st, new investors are storming into Ape N Out and are looking to get in as early as possible. Everyone has read the story about an investor that bought 8000$ worth of Shiba Inu tokens and reached an astonishing 5 billion dollar profit.

Now obviously it does not mean that every 8000$ investment is going to cause you to become a billionaire.Low cap cryptocurrencies certainly do have that ability to spike out of the blue. And Ape N Out token is a perfect example of a well hyped up, low market capitalization coin that can definitely go higher.With 25% Ethereum reflections, the highest paying dividend token in the game, Ape N Out token stands out by having a seasoned marketing and developer team.

Within only 6 days of launching, Ape N Out token has completed a large number of achievements. The token is on it’s merry way towards getting listed on both, CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, as well as many other lesser cryptocurrency listing websites.

Sometimes, all it takes for a cryptocurrency to really hit the moon, is a simple tweet by someone like Elon Musk. Ape N Out team certainly is doing their very best in order to get noticed by the media and to gain traction.These so called, low market capitalization coins pop out every day, so you must make sure to steer clear from the malicious coins by investing in well-known developer teams.The best part about Ape N Out is that it’s being marketed by a successful crypto marketing pioneer, who has turned 15k into 8 million dollars In the last six months. This token is destined for success. As always, do your own research, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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