ESTE Medical Group Reveals the Secret behind How It Flourished Even amidst the Global Pandemic


Some might think the cosmetic, skin, and hair care industries would have taken a massive hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to all the Zoom meetings and working from home, people are having to sit in front of their computer screens all the time, which is taking a toll on their face and skin. This, in turn, is making more and more people interested in cosmetic treatments.

Este Medical Group is a reputable company that is leveraging this situation by offering cosmetic treatments to people all over the world.

Este Medical Group offers a wide range of cosmetic services carried out by industry professionals. Their clinics treat over 200 people per day, seven days a week. Some of their most popular treatments include laser hair regrowth, hair transplants, skin pigmentation, and hair removal.

The company was first formed in 2015 by Founder and Director Sam Cinkir with its roots in Turkey, and their first clinic in the U.K. was opened in Birmingham.

They now have locations throughout the U.K. in London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, and Sutton Coldfield, as well as international locations in Glasgow, Istanbul, Romania, Milan, and Bangladesh. All of the procedures in the U.K.

clinics are non-invasive, with surgeries taking place at their Turkey location. “We opened three new locations during the lockdown,” Cinkir said. “It was risky, but we wanted to use this as a business opportunity. Since we didn’t have as many things to worry about on a day-to-day business, we focused on long-term development.”

Este Medical Group is on track to grow even more in the days ahead. Cinkir and his company want to open clinics in a minimum of 30 cities and towns across the U.K. and eventually build a hospital for surgical needs.

“It’s definitely ambitious, but I’m passionate about bringing safe and affordable skin and hair treatment to people. We love to see and hear about our patients’ amazing results.”

If looking at your face during your work Zoom meetings has you down, consider visiting one of Este Medical Group’s clinics or taking an online consultation. They’ll make sure you look your best for the post-pandemic world.

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