Angie Bellemare Shares Her Life Enriching Experience of Creating a Successful Personal Brand


Angie Bellemare began her career as an accountability consultant and coach after discovering her passion for assisting others and providing them with resources to help them build their lives and achieve their goals. The central concept was empowering women to manage their well-being and careers, which later evolved into other areas.

Angie’s entrepreneurial experience is multi-faceted. She raises fitness awareness and helps people achieve their business and career goals by using existing resources or establishing new ones. She also advises people to create their personal brand on social media and align the business with career goals. People look up to her because she inspires them and boosts their self-esteem. Angie has had her share of setbacks and disappointments in her life, and she does everything she can to help others get out of their rut leveraging those experiences.

Angie’s main line of business is virtual coaching. She teaches people how to create new resources or use existing ones to maintain a healthy work-life balance, achieve business goals, and reach career aspirations. Angie chose this course in the times of her life when she was unhappy with her own unfulfillment. It dawned on her that she was not alone in her suffering. She discovered her calling and ambition in assisting others in overcoming their difficulties.

Angie has built a community of people who drive her business to continue providing resources that can actually help people live better and more meaningful lives. She also published an e-book and has since established an academy, ‘How to Build a Content Machine’ for the general public, focusing on the principles discussed in the book. She offers valuable resources to her audience about generating quality content and creating a social media brand through her academy.

She encourages her followers to focus on continuously generating valuable content, highlighting the direct link between the growth of social media presence and a personal brand. It not only helps in growing your audience but also lets your audience develop trust with you. Angie also shares how her own participation in social media also drew additional customers to her business.

She explains the viewpoints that have helped her and several of her coworkers build a successful and, more importantly, fulfilling business. Many individuals don’t know where to start with their social media branding strategy because there are so many active sites. Angie suggests that it is far better to identify the social media sites that play to your business’s strengths rather than spreading your time, energy, and money widely across too many platforms.

For instance, if you’re selling gorgeous handmade jewelry, a social media network that emphasizes aesthetics will work best for branding. Instagram and Pinterest are excellent alternatives in this situation. A company that provides tax services, on the other hand, might not have much visual information to provide. LinkedIn, Facebook, and other dynamic platforms are preferable alternatives in this case.

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