Basims_Plate lifestyle and thing that you don’t know


So here we are again talking about a food blogger who gained so much popularity in a small amount of time.

Yeah, we are talking about basims_plate from Kerala.

Today, we are gonna dig deep to know things that we don’t know about basim and pursue is his lifestyle.

It all started in year 2k18 before that basim was just a normal person who was a foodie. He used to travel a lot with his friends all over India posting pictures and videos about the locations. Traveling and trying different foods was just a hobby at starting.

But after that basim thought of the idea of becoming a food blogger and after 2k18 it all started. He started posting photos and locations of all the dishes that he tried. After some time he started his youtube channel which was a big success. To stay more captivating he started giving surprises and gifts to his fans and followers.

A fact about basim is that he has an interest in football and his favorite player is one of the legends known as Lionel Andres Messi. Basim was always motivated by Messi and followed his lifestyle of being a kind and gentlemanly person.

Basim’s favorite food is Chicken and his favorite drinks have to be Shakes and juice. According to basim, it is always good to follow a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy your food and stay healthy also.

This is all about our famous food blogger basims_plate.

And yeah, stay connected to his blogs because they are tasty and healthy.

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