FMA Brands Redefine Brand Aggregation in 2021 and Beyond

Financial technology is disrupting the way people invest, here’s how

During the COVID-19 restrictions that plagued 2020 and the better part of 2021, many industries suffered, but a few thrived. One such industry that seemed to flourish amidst the pandemic was e-commerce. Millions of customers experienced, in many cases, for the first time, the benefits of buying online as opposed to in person. The online shift led to the explosion of the Amazon aggregator business model as people realized the potential of using the giant retailer to build a substantial and lucrative business empire. FMA Brands have made an enviable name for themselves in the industry as a company that takes a holistic approach to brand aggregation, and the results are speaking from themselves.

FMA Brands Founder Mike Matuz explained, “FMA Brands is not an average run-of-the-mill brand aggregator. We don’t just buy brands; we look at how they can be improved, how they will fit into our company ethos, and how they can become more sustainable and profitable. In short, we take them apart and rebuild them bit by bit. We view each brand as another part of the jigsaw puzzle. In essence, we’re all about buying great brands and making them even better.”

This is a philosophy that certainly seems to be paying dividends. Although FMA Brands started as an advertising hedge fund, they are now a company that offers fully managed service automation. They have been compared to an e-commerce cartel because their method of brand aggregation is quite different from their competition, and each brand that comes under their umbrella complements the others in a way that serves to strengthen the whole and make the collective far more dynamic.

Mike Matuz, who is also an international speaker and business consultant, explained, “Our motto is to make every brand better by building the team, the dream, and the machine. Each component has a valid part to play, and you ignore any of that holy trinity at your peril. However, our motivation is not financial; it is about building something that is bigger than us as individuals and means something to other people. A brand is a lifestyle choice, and we want all our brands to be cohesive and significant. The ultimate aim is to build an empire of successful and viable brands that allow us to focus on our true passion—venture philanthropy. You might say we’re building a stairway to the stars, one brand at a time.

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