Chris Cole Shares The Benefits Of Operating On Transparency And Clarity

Chris Cole

FinTech is an emerging industry that is changing the way businesses and consumers think about their financial processes. It is nearly throwing out the rulebook on money management, and Chris Cole is there to help people learn how to navigate this new, exciting industry.

Chris was born into the third generation of his family of residents in his impoverished neighborhood. In an area where drugs, gangs, and violence were the norm, Chris was forced to grow up quickly. He became interested in financial trading and began learning what he could with no formal training. “I come from poverty and started selling drugs at a very young age. Not because it was the cool thing to do, but that what was given to me… I overcame these obstacles by realizing that God created me for a purpose. My breath was all the motivation I needed to go after anything my mind could perceive,” says Chris Cole.

As Chris found his purpose, he became the owner of the first Black owned forex and cryptocurrency trading exchange and creator of the top NFT trading marketplace. But Chris made a name for himself by trading money for clients without charging a setup fee. Basically, he only makes money if he makes money for his clients first. During the 2018 Bitcoin crash, he actually made $10,000,000 for him and his clients. Chris says he can only have this kind of success because he teaches with a level of transparency and clarity that no one else does. He trades with a live account, with real money, in real time as he explains everything he does.

Chris has become a recognized leader in the retail trading space by Futures and Truth Magazine. “My business helps others by exposing them to and educating them on information that typically can only be found in the private and privileged sectors of life. It also teaches the empowering mindset that allows us to tap into our infinite potential and habits of execution,” says Chris Cole.

At only 37 years old, Chris has become a leader in Financial Trading and Risk Management. He also places a strong emphasis on educating people in FinTech, as he plays a part in planning and implementation of cryptocurrency mining and education for 50 HBCUs.

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