Want to start your own network marketing company? Industry expert Nazakat Hussain tells you how.


“Network marketing can be a viable opportunity if done the right way,” says Hussain.

Here’s one name Nazakat Hussain who has made it big in the network marketing industry, and he’s just 21. Unbelievable, but true. This youngster has been in the industry for a while and has grasped its workings to the roots, knowing exactly how it works, and what makes it click the right way. After having tried his hands at multiple businesses which included a taxi company to an apparel store to a transport company, he’s had a good amount of experience in these before he stepped into the network marketing sphere. The entrepreneurial passion in him never allowed his spirits to dampen, and that’s the reason he is on the top of the game today, having sweeped in a huge amount of more than $100    in the first year of his entering into the zone. He presently holds the diamond rank in ‘Omega Pro’  raking in huge amounts which hit upto 400k a month.

According to him network marketing can give to tremendous results provided the emphasis is placed on selling products rather than signing up new members into the company. If you want to start your own company you can first gain experience by working elsewhere and learn the ropes and then plunge in to start your own setup. Here are some important points which you need to keep in mind to take your network marketing company to the next level.

  • Zero down on your niche: Select a product beforehand and check your comfort levels. The more unique your product, the more mileage its going to gain. So, choose what you want to market wisely and then jump in to make your mark.
  • Get a reliable wholesaler or manufacturer on board: Identity a supplier who gives you the best possible low rates and also try to shortlist those who offer drop shipping which will help in keeping your inventory levels down.
  • Market your business well: Advertise your network marketing business through social media and other channels. Start recruiting distributors and start the process of forming multiple teams under your core team. The more people associate, the more better for your business growth.

If some of these points are strictly adhered to, it can give phenomenal results, and take your network marketing company to newer heights says Hussain who has been shining bright in this highly competitive field for quite sometime now. You can follow him on Instagram @naza.gle

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