Charlie Angus Takes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Task over Skipping National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Crosswalk in Ignace

TIMMINS – Politics – NDP MP Charlie Angus states, “When the media called me and told me that the Prime Minister had skipped the national truth and reconciliation day to go to Tofino, I asked them, “What is he doing there?”

“I was sure it had to do with reconciliation. The idea that Justin Trudeau went to the beach on such an important day seemed impossible to fathom.

“When it all sunk it, I made this public statement to Justin Trudeau:

Dear Prime Minister,

No public official goes skiing on November 11 because it’s a day to show respect to the veterans. September 30 is a days set aside to show respect to the survivors and to commit to reconciliation. You don’t get to skip town and go to the beach.

This is not a holiday its a day of atonement.

Earlier in the day the Prime Minister’s Office had shown him as being in private meetings in Ottawa.

After Global News reported that his plane had been seen landing in Toffino British Columbia the Prime Minister’s office updated his whereabouts.