Preparation Is the Key to Overcoming Professional Hurdles, Says Koko Petkov


Regardless of your situation in life, there will always be professional hurdles to overcome. It is not always easy to identify these hurdles, and approaching them with due care and diligence is essential if you don’t want them to trip you over. Entrepreneur Koko Petkov is an expert at making the art of navigating hurdles look effortless. Yet, he’s the first to admit that it’s only his hard-won experience that prevents him from falling before the sort of hurdles that professionals the world over have to deal with daily.

“I learned it the hard way that fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” explained Koko Petkov. “As a successful businessman in my own right, I thought I could walk straight into the stock market and make a killing. It didn’t work out that way. I lost everything, and in hindsight, I realize it was because I didn’t identify the potential hurdles correctly, and as a result, was in no position to successfully overcome them either.”

As a general rule of thumb, only 5% of stock traders in the market become successful and make serious money. Koko Petkov admits if he knew this when he first started out, he would have done things differently. Instead, after his initial failure, he retreated to lick his wounds and rebuild. Years of studying and research enabled him to tackle the stock market with a fresh perspective. And now, after eight years of successful trading, Petkov also coaches other potential stockbrokers on getting it right the first time.

Koko Petkov explained, “The same rules apply to trading as they do to any business or any profession – you’ve got to look at all the angles, second-guess every outcome, and identify any potential pitfalls. I view hurdles as opportunities to prove yourself and as not something to fear. They can only trip you over if you fail to prepare and don’t take adequate counter-measures. If you’re over-confident or arrogant, you won’t even notice them, and they’ll blindside you. The trick is to anticipate their arrival and have a well-rehearsed plan A, B, and C in place. Pretty soon, you’ll be tackling those hurdles like an Olympian sprinter.”

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