How Reuben Deleon Lifted Himself Out Of The Lower Class And Teaches Others To Transform Their Financial Lives


Reuben Deleon grew up poor, with an absentee father, supported by a single mother and struggled in all aspects of high school and college. Between the ages of 16-20 he worked a total of 8 jobs and quit all of them because none of them were fulfilling. Knowing he wanted a better future for himself and his family, Reuben became a serial entrepreneur. By the age of 22, he  built four businesses worth up to 7 figures offering people across the US real solutions to their financial setbacks. Even though he had no financial head start of his own, or business minded role model in his home, Reuben had heart and determination that led him to create success for himself and others.

Reuben’s background didn’t give him the start he needed to become the successful person he is today. Growing up, he realized his mom struggled a lot with her credit, and there were times this made it difficult for them to find a place to live. Realizing other people faced the same issue, Reuben set out to provide a solution to the credit problem. He offers credit coaching and repair, business coaching, and he is a funding expert to help people build a better financial future for themselves. He is 100% authentic with his clients. Reuben doesn’t concern himself with beating out the competition. Instead, he focuses on offering the best of himself.

During his journey, Reuben has had to learn who is qualified to give advice and who is offering a wrong opinion. Bad advice has the potential to cause you to make bad decisions. You have to start with believing in yourself and the possibilities that lie in your vision. Discipline and practice will strengthen your belief and turn your vision into reality. He learned how important your mindset is in execution. “Someone can have the right business, right mentor, start at the right time, but if they don’t believe they can succeed, then they never will,” he says.

To achieve success, Reuben believes you need to work confidently toward your goals without dreading the process. Fear is only what we imagine because of the things we’re not sure of or don’t understand. So, the best way to overcome our fear is to step out of our comfort zone on a regular basis. Be careful not to let yourself down by avoiding the work that’s necessary to get the job done. Success takes time and dedication, and it has no finish line. As long as you are continuously working toward a goal, you will come to realize the best part is actually the journey.

Reuben has gone from being homeless, sifting through multiple unfulfilling 9-5 jobs, and struggled with feelings of low self worth only to realize that he carried the solution. Life circumstances don’t define your destiny, but you have the power to create the destiny you desire. Reuben is always happy to answer anyone’s question and wants everyone to feel comfortable to contact him at any time. You can follow Reuben on Instagram @reuben.deleon.

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