Experts at DateNight Share 5 Perfect Date Ideas to Rekindle Your Spark With That Special Someone


When you have known your special person for years (or decades), it is easy to take him/her for granted. Children, never-ending household chores, work commitments, and real-world challenges can all lead to hushing the romance somewhere in the corner. In the pandemic hit world, couples often find themselves hooking up to Netflix in the little free time they get. A date night can help rekindle the spark and add a dash of excitement to your life.

While there are a zillion things you can do together, start with the following:

Take a relaxing spa or couple massage

The word has been in the masks for way too long. Massages can relieve you of stress and heighten your spirits, leading the way to a blissfully happy ending. Plan an easy escape (with precautions, of course) via a massage or spa.


Play on your favorite music, and put your dancing shoes on

Datenight offers a variety of classes to choose from. Pick music tracks that you both really like, take dancing lessons together, and get, set, go!


Cook up something magical together

Datenight can help curate exceptional experiences, with an array of cooking classes to choose from. Put your aprons on and enjoy a blissful time as you prepare the most tantalizing dishes together.


Stay in a treehouse

Nature can help you two connect like never before. Datenight can plan your perfect getaway, amidst the woods, on a cozy treehouse. Leaving the city noises behind and heading to the woods can be a perfect treat to your senses.


Splashy fun in a water park

Water parks can be super fun for couples. Take the joy ride, splish-splash with your partner, go down the slides, and cool off the tensions in your relationship.


Looking for more ways to rekindle the spark? Datenight can help you plan and execute off-beat date experiences across Canada.


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